Oral B Genius 9000 is nearly £187 off in this literally electric toothbrush deal!

A dentist-approved toothbrush discounted all the way down to a gum-pleasing £90

Oral B Genius 9000 deal
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Looking for an electric toothbrush as a Valentine's present to yourself or a loved one? We wouldn't give a toothbrush to a loved one even if their teeth were real bad, but maybe you're braver than us. But while they might initially get all offended, or upset about their bleeding gums and bad breath, they'll soon come to feel deeply grateful, as this is one of the best electric toothbrushes you can get, and it's at a HUGE discount. 

• Buy Oral-B Smart Genius 9000 at Amazon for £116 – was £300, save £184

To put the epic-ness of that discount into context, here's Amazon's other 'big' electric toothbrush deal today:

• Buy Oral-B Smart Series 6000 at Amazon for £70 – was £220, save £150 

In other words, you can pay £70 for a decent enough, mid-range Oral B brush, or spend an extra £20 and get a range-topping toothbrush so smart, it is actually called Genius.

The Genius 9000 cleans extremely effectively, multiple cleaning settings and speeds and MouthGuard tech to prevent you from applying too much pressure and potentially damaging your enamel or gums. There's also an app that shows a live update of where you're brushing, as well as feedback on how well you're brushing.  There are also several longer-term programmes you can follow, for whitening, gum health, breath problems and more.

The brush can kill up to double the plaque of a boring old manual toothbrush, giving you cleaner teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath. The 6 brushing modes include deep clean, sensitive and whitening modes. The battery lasts a good couple of weeks between charges.

For your modest outlay you also get a charging travel case, four brush heads and a smartphone holder – the latter is so you can stick your phone to the mirror to more easily view the app's graphical feedback. Oral-B chucks in a 30-day money back guarantee and two-year warranty as standard, too.

Oral-B Genius 9000 CrossAction electric toothbrush £90 | was £300 | Save £210 at Amazon
With four brush heads – enough for a year at least – six clean settings and an app that feeds back on your brushing habits, like a Fitbit for your mouth, this is the electric brush James Bond might use. The price is as low as we've seen this side of Black Friday, when it got a £220 discount. Must end soon! And then re-appear later!View Deal

Oral B Smart Series 6000 £70 | Was £220 | Save £150 at Amazon
With four cleaning modes including whitening and sensitive and a generous selection of three brush heads, this is a bargain at the price. Okay, nobody in their right mind would pay 220 quid for this, but discounts usually only hover around the 50% mark, and this is way better than that. View Deal

The Smart Series 6000 uses Oral-B's excellent cross-action rotary brush to give really great cleaning for years. There are four cleaning modes, including a handy one for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

A timer buzzes every 30 seconds to tell you to move to the next 'quadrant' of your mouth – you do top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left. Even better, a sort of mouth satnav indicates where you should be brushing, and has a child-like, cartoon face smile at you, as you pass the dentist-approved 2-minute cleaning mark. Okay, maybe that's more for your kids than for you, but it's still cool, and the display works as a handy bathroom clock when you're not brushing.

Adding to the 'premium yet affordable' feel, you get no fewer than 3 brush heads and, obviously, a charger. Pressure control both alerts you, and slows the motor, if you are pressing the brush too hard against your teeth and gums.

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