Last chance! Best Amazon Prime Day Nerf deals and paddling pools: save up to £20!

Nerf foam blasters and laser playsets all get money off, as well as some extremely cool dinosaur paddling pools

Best Amazon Prime day Nerf deals
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This year's best Amazon Prime Day deals have come at the perfect time for school holidays and kids generally wanting to spend more time outdoors thanks to the rapidly improving weather.

There are some really great buys whether your kids want a bit of action while out in the park with Nerf laser and foam blasters, or if you want them to cool off with a pair of the coolest paddling pools we've ever soon (one word: Dinosaurs).

Nerf's blasters are a perennial favourite of course, while the playful aspects of the paddling pools will really help younger kids to make the most of the sun.

These deals end tonight, July 16th, at 11.59pm – don't wait around!

Nerf N-Strike Surgefire | Now £18.99 | RRP £25.99
A 15-dart drum and pump-action power means this thing can rain darts on your target for as long as you've got the stamina. The darts can travel up to 27m when fired, too, so it's a seriously effective way to fire some foam.
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Intex Dinoland Play Centre 57135NP | Now £45.98 | RRP £59.99
How lucky will any kid (roughly up to 5 or 6 years) be to have this splashing, spraying sliding dino-themed pool in their garden? Attached your hose to power the spray, and kids can play in the water, and with the dino hoops game and ball rolling feature. You'll probably want a pump, but Amazon is suggesting ones for about £9.99 as an add-on with this pool.View Deal

Nerf Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint | Now £24.99 | Was £44.99
Forget the darts: have a proper Laser Quest battle anywhere with this two-gun set from Nerf. The lasers fire over 60m, and the gun will register when you've been hit. They even connect to smart phones, so you can track stats and even tweak your blaster.View Deal

Intex Dinosaur Play Centre 57444EP | Now £34.36 | RRP £47.99
Another from the same dinosaur pool range, this time without such a dramatic slide, but with a waterfall, sprayer and ball throwing game, plus a mini slide for good measure. You'll probably still want a pump for ease of setup, but it's maybe less essential here.View Deal

Nerf N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper | Now £25.99 | RRP £34.99
This blaster can be customised for how you like to use it: add the optional stock for stabilised aiming, or use the optional barrel extension to add extra accuracy for long distance shooting (it can launch up to 27m). It takes 12 darts at a time in its magazine.View Deal

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