BBC iPlayer just got even closer to becoming Netflix

Cross device pause and resume now part of the offering

BBC iPlayer has just been updated with a raft of new catch-up features to allow it take on the big guns in the internet streaming space.

From today onwards, the broadcasting corporation is adding the Live Restart feature to smart TV versions of the app and cross-device pause and resume is available on all versions of the service to allow users to enjoy greater freedom whilst watching the programming.

The latter feature has drawn comparisons to Netflix and, even though the content sometimes isn't at the Hollywood level of the streaming site, it still gives the BBC a yard stick to compare itself to the big guns.

In addition to those features, the My Programmes component previously only available on desktop is now on mobile devices and it enables users to save their favourite shows in a single place for easy access at a later stage.

The BBC can never be accused of standing still with its free iPlayer service given that it performed a radical overhaul just last year and it reflects how important the medium is becoming to the license fee paying public.

At the last check, the number of programme requests on iPlayer had reached a record 2.6 billion in 2014 and it is used on 1,700 difference devices and platforms from the latest smartphones and smart TVs to affordable tablets and full-fledged desktop PCs.

Via: The Guardian