Bang & Olufsen launch a new speaker, with a twist...

And a stunning new TV, launched at CES

Two new products from CES courtesy of Bang & Olufsen. Are they any good? Touch wood...

Apps might be the way forward for controlling everything around your house - light bulbs, speakers, even your heating - but Bang & Olufsen have a different idea.

The BeoSound Moment is a speaker for the indecisive. The Moment can be controlled either by its touch screen front, or by the rear wooden panel. It's the first time wood has been used as a touch screen interface, and the oak screen can be used to play music and adjust volume.

And Moment is intuitive too, professing to recognise your musical needs depending on the day of the week and the time of day. It even includes a MoodWheel, which allows you to track your mood by colour, and choose whether you want familiar music or a more adventurous unknown selection of songs.

Deezer supplies the online music catalogue for the system, which will be available from the end of the month. It will be compatible with Bang & Olufsen speakers, and the £1,795 price tag will include a 12 month subscription to Deezer Premium+.

The second addition to the Bang & Olufsen family is the £11,595 BeoVision Avant 75” TV. Already existing in a smaller and larger format, this middle brother holds the same UHD (4K) video performance and three channel speakers.

BeoRemote One - the motorised stand and bracket - allows the TV to literally come out of the wall or retreat to provide a more discreet look.

Marie Kristine Schmidt, Vice President Brand, Design and Marketing said: “We hope to offer customers the choice they crave to make sure the TV can fit with their lifestyles and complement their homes. We not only wish to make sure the TV can blend into the background when not in use, but also add the wow factor with a show stopping piece of technology."