Awesome iPhone 6S deals from EE: save up to £115

Why pay £115 upfront for the iPhone 6S 64GB when you could get it for free?

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If you've got an older generation iPhone or maybe your Android device is starting to show its age and you're thinking about upgrading; stop thinking and get switching.

With recent rumours suggesting the iPhone 7 isn't going to revolutionise the smartphone industry, you may as well use a deal we've managed to secure and get £115 off an iPhone 6S.

Summer is the time smartphones are still priced highly. In the Apple ecosystem there's still a little while to go until the new model is announced and Samsung already unleashed their flagship phone earlier this year.

We really like the iPhone 6S at T3, and although the phone is almost a year old now, it can still keep paces with any other flagship smartphone out there. It's a great entry level phone for anyone new to the Apple ecosystem and a great upgrade for anyone coming from a previous generation iPhone. That's why at T3 we've partnered with and to get all our readers an incredible phone for an even better price.

Voucher codes will need to be used to get this deal. The first will completely remove the upfront cost of a 64GB iPhone 6S with EE while the second will get you half off the upfront bill of a cheaper contract overall.

Check out these awesome EE iPhone 6S deals

We wouldn't be recommending these deals to you if we didn't firmly believe they're the best out there right now – we've had a look around and we can't see anything that can match these offers.

iPhone 6S 64GB | EE 4G | £114.99 FREE upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 5GB data | £33.49 per month
Using the voucher code E26S64115 you can completely wipe off the £114.99 upfront fee for the superior 64GB version of the iPhone 6S and get it completely free upfront instead. Then you'll pay £33.49 per month for an EE 4G deal with 5GB data and unlimited everything else. This is currently the cheapest way to get hold of the iPhone 6S 64GB with 5GB data and the deal will be available until the end of June.

Total cost over 24 months is £803.76

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Voucher code: E26S64115

iPhone 6S 64GB | EE 4G | £100 £50 upfront | 1000 minutes | Unlimited texts | 2GB data | £25.99 per month
This deal is for you if you want a good saving on the iPhone 6S 64GB but don't want to pay for 5GB data. Using the voucher code TR6450 you can save £50 on the upfront fee, reducing it to £50. Then you'll pay just £25.99 per month for 2GB data on EE, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts. Again, this is a market leading deal which will expire on 29th June.

Total cost over 24 months is £673.76

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Voucher code: TR6450