Atari hopes its classic games will help get you fit

Atari Fit gamifies exercise, with you earning points to unlock games by completing exercises

Atari has unveiled a new fitness app designed to gamify exercise.

Unveiled at CES, Atari Fit is an app for iOS and Android that features 150 exercise routines. By completing the exercise routines, it is possible to unlock classic Atari games such as Pong, Centipede and Super Breakout.

Among the exercise routines featured in the game are full-body circuit workouts, running courses and a number of custom routines. Completing them earns points, which can be used to unlock games.

“Atari Fit is the first fitness app to motivate and reward players with gameplay for being active in between gaming sessions,” said Atari's Fred Chesnais.

“It's a gamified fitness experience with an Atari twist. Players are motivated to work toward their fitness goals, while offering a fun, competitive experience where they earn coins and can unlock their favourite classic Atari games.”

The app is due for release later this month. Atari is hopeful that the combination of classic games and the post-Christmas desire to get fit will mean that its new app is a hit.

“The team and leaderboard components are especially unique to the Atari Fit experience, as players around the globe can exercise, play and get healthy together,” added Chenais.