Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in indie film 'Jobs'?

Two and a Half Men star could be taking lead role

Steve Jobs is to be the main focus of two films it now appears with one based on the book while this indie film will apparently feature Kutcher as Jobs

Ashton Kutcher has apparently been signed up to play the late founder of Apple Steve Jobs in one of two films that are being made about the man who arguably made Apple what it is today.

The film, entitled simply 'Jobs' is set to look at his rise from being a 'wayward hippie' to being co founder of a company that is behind the iPhone and most recently the New iPad tablet.

Kutcher has been taking a break from filming Two and a Half Men and will apparently be using this time to work on the film which will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern.

There is another film about Steve Jobs in the works, this time from Sony and will be based on the best-selling official biography Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson.

While little else is know about Stern's 'Jobs' film it is rumoured that the film will start filming as early as next month in the hopes of being the first to release.

Source: Variety