AppyParking wins Ford App Challenge

App helps you find parking spaces in London

Ford has named AppyParking the winner of its Traffic Tamer App Challenge.

AppyParking is an iOS app enables drivers to see every Controlled Parking Zone in London. Combining that with GPS, it's able to tell you were you are and where it will cost to park, and where it is free to park.

If there is no free parking available, the app can tell you where the nearest parking is. You can even choose whether you want to find a Paid Meter Bay or Off Street Car Parks.

AppParking also ties in with service ParkatmyHouse. ParkatmyHouse allows home owners to rent out their driveways to those looking for parking spaces.

And if you're the type that forgets where you left your car, there is even the ability to find your way back to your car using in-built Sat Nav function.

“Trying to find a parking space in a city can be a nightmare and AppyParking provides a single source of information covering all possible parking restrictions to save time for drivers and reduce congestion,” Venkatesh Prasad, senior technical leader, Open Innovation at Ford Motor Company, commented.

“Most of the successful entries were freshly created for the challenge and any one of them has the potential to play a significant part in tackling traffic congestion.”

The app is available on iOS, with an Android version reportedly on the way.