Apple's really sorry it bricked your iPhone with Error 53

The tech giant has released a software patch following a class-action lawsuit

Following a class-action lawsuit, Apple has finally started rolling out a new update that will unbrick iPhone affected by Error 53. The software issue, found mainly in iPhones with home buttons that have been replaced by third-parties, is related to the fingerprint scanning utility and has been affecting Apple handsets in considerable numbers.

Thousands of users have reportedly lost access to their iPhone following an iOS update that didn't recognise those third-party components. Affected phones would then shut down and refuse to restart - which can be a little frustrating considering just how expensive the latest iPhone currently costs. With a class-action lawsuit filed against the California-based giant and an investigation by an Australian watchdog, Apple is rolling out a fix in the iOS 9.2.1 update that will address the issue head on.

Error 53 isn't a glitch either - it's been purposefully designed as a safety measure to protect iPhone 6 and 6S handsets against the use of unofficial or knock-off parts. Apple even commented that the time that, “this security measure is necessary to protect your device and prevent a fraudulent Touch ID sensor from being used. If a customer encounters Error 53, we encourage them to contact Apple Support.” In the wake of all those Apple-branded paperweights, the company is now referring to it as a, "factory test."

Considering third-party hardware repairs are hardly a new thing, it does seem a little odd that Apple would employ a software feature that would alienate thousands of users, but nevertheless the update should get your expensive brick back in operation.

Via: Guardian

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