Apple's first iWatch run may be limited, half of devices might not use sapphire

Supply chain issues are cited as the thorn in Apple's foot

Apple's struggling to meet its demand for sapphire in the upcoming iWatch, so much so that some of the devices might not even use the gemstone display...

Fresh speculation tips supply issues for Apple's upcoming iWatch, with one analyst suggesting the firm will only ship 3-million devices this year.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI securities, says that the total smartwatch shipment will fall drastically short of the previously predicted run of 5 to 10 million, according to a new report from AppleInsider.

"But [Kuo] now expects that issues will push production of the device will be pushed back from September to the second half of November, resulting in fewer units available," reads the report.

"This anticipated shorter period of production has prompted Kuo to decrease his projected build plans from 5 million units this year to just 3 million units."

Allegedly Kuo is pinning the blame on supply chain issues with the sapphire display rumoured to feature on Apple's as-yet unconfirmed iWatch.

The short supply is such a significant problem that some iWatches might swap out the sapphire display for a simpler glass face, likely gorilla glass.

TPK, the company said to be making the iWatch's touchscreen, recently announced during a conference that their expectations of a profitable third quarter have changed, instead tipping big bucks for Q4.

The original estimates were apparently based on the idea that Apple's mystery smartwatch would enter mass-production during Q3, but that didn't happen.

We recently heard rumours that suggested October 14th would be a busy date for Apple, so there's a chance Apple might reveal the watch then but not release it to the public until later - possibly November.

Source AppleInsider

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