Apple TV refresh to arrive at iPad 3 launch event?

Stocks of existing model run out at PC World and it will no longer take your orders

Apple TV supplies are drying-up fast amid speculation that Cupertino may launch a refreshed version of its famous 'hobby' project alongside the iPad 3

A new version of the Apple TV set-top box could arrive as soon as next month's likely iPad 3 launch event, as more and more retailers extinguish stocks of the existing set-top box.

Reports say that PC World is unsure whether it will be able to replenish its supply of the £100 AirPlay-enabler and is apparently telling staff not to accept orders from customers who're hoping to obtain the device.

Although the current generation model, which has been a popular product despite a distinct lack of connected apps, is still labeled as 'In stock' on Apple's official website, US retailers Best Buy, Target and Fry's are no longer able to sell the device.

The time-frame would suggest that any new launch would surely happen during the iPad 3 event, which the world seems convinced will happen during the first week in March.

A new version of Apple TV would likely see the company include 1080p streaming (current model is only 720p) and perhaps some new functionality and TV apps that would give us an indication on what might be included in the rumoured iTV launch.

Via: The Verge