Apple Stores to start using iBeacon for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple Store app will now alert you to deals as you walk around the store

Apple's new iBeacon technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy to wirelessly detect your location within a building or area and then send you relevant info

Apple's iBeacon technology has just been rolled out to over 200 Apple Stores in the USA, the technology will allow Apple to know where you are within the store and then, via the Apple Store app for iPhone, iPad or iPod, share relevant deals and info on the products you're looking at.

The primarily shopping-based tech allows stores and buildings to communicate with your iPhone, iPod or iPad using Bluetooth Low Energy, it creates a map of the building, works out where you are and then can send you relevant information, whether it's indoor mapping, in-store deals or just info on the product you're looking at.

For those worrying about privacy fear not, iBeacon is strictly an opt-in feature in iOS 7 and is included in the list of technologies used for 'Location Services'.

What that means is that if an app has 'Location Services' turned on that app can then use WiFi, GPS, Mobile Data or now iBeacons to detect your location.

In theory this should now open up the possibility of much more precise indoor mapping allowing you to enter a shopping center, see exactly where you are and then use your phone as a map.

For the moment though it's only available in US Apple Stores and will let you see deals relevant to the section of the store you're standing in along with paying for small accessories and finding out if your repair is ready to be picked up.