Apple denies claims Watch burned Danish man’s skin

Claims the strap seared his flesh

A Danish man's claims that his Apple Watch strap burned his skin have allegedly been dismissed by Apple after it conducted its own tests.

Jørgen Mourtizen alleged he was happily in the toilet at his flying club meet-up, when he suddenly smelled burning flesh and felt a searing pain in his wrist – looking down, the Milanese strap on his Apple Watch was literally red hot.

Speaking to Danish outlet Ekstra Bladet, he disputed the notion that it could have been anything other than the Apple Watch which caused the heat, saying he was not near any outlet or similar at that point – merely had his arm in the air, which was corroborated by a witness.

He has been after Apple for an explanation for many weeks, after he was left with serious burns from the strap, according to pictures he's posted.

However, Apple has since contacted Mourtizen (according to the Danish outlet), after conducting tests on the Watch, stating that it was 'an outside influence' that caused the burns – despite his claims to the contrary.

Mystery remains has spoken to Flemming Andersen, chief physician at the Dermatology and Allergy Center at Odense University Hospital, who confirmed the injury couldn't have been caused by an allergic reaction.

So the mystery continues. The strap itself isn't powered, so couldn't have heated up by itself. It wasn't an allergic reaction, and Mourtizen claims he didn't hold his arm near anything hot – the double-sided burns would mean it would have had to be down the centre anyway.

There doesn't seem to be any acrimony from Mouritzen though, who says he sees it as a rare instance – but there's no word on whether Apple will be sending a replacement.