Apple nabs yet another Tesla engineer for its car project

The employee poaching war continues

Apple has continued its hiring spree with yet another addition from electric car maker Tesla as speculation over its own car project is at an all-time high.

Being top-secret you'd expect Apple employees to steer clear of social media, but newbies at the iPhone brand clearly haven't got the memo. By updating his LinkedIn profile, we now know that Senior Tesla engineer Jamie Carlson has joined Apple.

His business networking page now says he's working in a “special projects group” – which might as well just say “hey guess what? I'm working on the new Apple Car!” It's hardly subtle wording from Carlson, who is the seventh known self-driving car expert to wind up at Cupertino.

They join a number of Tesla employees who were hired back in February, shortly after Tesla recruited several people from Apple first. This latest hiring comes after it was revealed last week that the Apple Car is already set for the test track.

Apple and BMW were said to be in talks over collaborating on the project, but that deal appears to be called off for now. We're still confused as to whether Apple is making an electric car, a self-driving car or a combination of the two. But with the way news of the project is trickling out, I'm sure we'll find out the answer to that soon.

With the Apple Car, iCar or whatever it's called all but confirmed, what do you want to see from Apple's debut vehicle? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on Facebook.