Apple MacBook Air wins the battle of the slim line laptops

T3 Gadget Awards 2011: Apple MacBook Air 11-inch wins T3 Design Award

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T3 gadget Awards 2011

Apple MacBook Air
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MacBook Awards 2011

Apple MacBook Air
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MacBook Air Awards 2011

Apple MacBook Air

Following the loss of Steve Jobs, one of his finest creations, the Apple MacBook Air is celebrated as the T3 Design Award winner fuses beauty with power in a true feat of technological ability

Proving victorious in the ultimate battle of the slim line laptops, Apple's revamped 11-inch MacBook Air has seen off competition from Samsung's own ultra thin offering, the Samsung Series 9 Notebook to receive the 2011 T3 Design Award.

As well as beating its closest competitor from the streamlined laptop market, the sleek 11-inch MacBook Air triumphed over the luxurious Leica M9 Titanium and sibling the Apple iPad 2 to be recognised as the sexiest combination of style and substance in 2011.

Apple MacBook Air 11-inch Design

Impossibly slim and staggeringly sexy the Apple MacBook Air lines up with a brushed aluminium body crafty from a single sheet of metal ranging from a minute 1.7cm at its thickest point down to an awe inspiring 0.3cm at its narrowest.

Add to that the fact you have a Facetime camera, glorious LED screen and enough connections to make sure you'll never feel left out and you have a hugely desirable product. Utilising the unibody ethos to it's fullest here the Air looks as if it came into existence with no assembly.

I use the Air all the time,” said T3 Editor and Awards judge Luke Peters. “It's thin, light, gets plenty of envious stares and is powerful enough to perform pretty much any task.”

Apple MacBook Air 11-inch Specs

Packing the latest Intel Core i5 processor and with up to 128GB SSD storage the MacBook Air features the latest version of Lion OS X with a multi-touch trackpad making flicking through applications and navigating around the iOS influenced operating system a breeze.

A backlit keyboard lands alongside a Thunderbolt port allowing users to transfer data at huge speeds, and plump the Air's somewhat minimal storage capacity offerings via a range of high-speed external hard drives.

What do you think, is the MacBook Air the design of the year or would you have gone for something else? Let us know in the comments box below, and click through to our winners feature for a look at all the rest of the best gadgets from this year's T3 Gadget Awards.