Apple kills the iPod Shuffle and nano, but the iPod touch gets beefed up to 32GB and 128GB

The iPod stalwarts appear to be gone for good

Three years after killing the iconic iPod Classic, Apple appears to have discontinued the mega-useful iPod Shuffle as well as the not-so-useful iPod nano. The Shuffle especially has long been a favourite of fitness fans who don't want to lump their phone around. 

However, there's no room for sentiment as the iPod touch not only lives on, but it has doubled in capacity (opens in new tab) to 32GB and 128GB for £199/$199 and £299/$299. Check out the bottom of this page for some deals on the existing - and outgoing - 16 and 64GB capacities. 

You can still buy the iPod Shuffle and iPod nano from some retailers though like Currys PC World (opens in new tab)

The unceremoneous deaths come as no surprise, really. Sales of music players in general have slumped as smartphones have taken hold and streaming over cellular networks has become ever more popular. With that context, the Wi-Fi-enabled iPod touch can survive, but the others are just too old hat. 

The news wasn't revealed with much fanfare - in fact, none at all. The discovery was made because Apple's iPod Shuffle and iPod nano webpages now rediect to Apple Music (at least in the UK).

The links to Shuffle and nano on the Apple Store now just redirect to the store's homepage. 

Check out these deals on the current capacities of the iPod touch:

Dan Grabham
Dan Grabham

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