Apple iPhone 5 was Steve Jobs' last project

Superphone will be a 'cult classic' according to analyst

Wondering what happened to the iPhone 5? Well new reports suggest that not only is the product very much alive, but that Steve Jobs worked on it personally making it the innovators last project

A analyst at Rodman & Renshaw has come forward and revealed that apparently the elusive Apple iPhone 5 was the last project that Steve Jobs was involved on from drawing board to finished product.

If these reports are true then that would mean that not only is the iPhone 5 very much in existence but that also it will be the last Apple product to have been given the golden touch by the late Steve Jobs.

Scheduled for release next year at the Apple Developer Conference the iPhone 5 will feature a completely revamped design and according to analyst Ashock Kumar will become a 'cult classic' as one of the last signature Jobs products.

Apple iPhone 4S

This comes just a few days after the release of Apple's iPhone 4S which features the same form-factor as the previous model but has had major internal changes which now see it features the same A5 processor found in the iPad 2. With an enhanced antenna and a much improved 8MP camera on the back, the 4S is more than just an incremental update.

Will the iPhone 5 become a true cult-classic? Let us know what you think in the comments box below...

Source: CNET

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