Apple and Samsung head back to court for patent battle

Case revolves around smartphone and tablet patents

Apple and Samsung are set to return back to court on Monday for the latest battle in their patent war.

The new case will focus on their smartphone and tablet patents and whether or not there are any infringements.

"The parties tried hard to accuse each other's latest and greatest products, but US patent litigation is slow, which is why this 2014 trial will be about 2012 and pre-2012 products," intellectual property analyst Florian Mueller said.

The tech rivals will go toe-to-toe before District Court Judge Lucy Koh in the California city of San Jose.

Koh headed the trial last year that resulted in a jury declaring Samsung owed Apple more than a billion dollars in damages for infringing patents with older Android devices.

The damages were later assessed and changed to $929m leaving Samsung to appeal.

This time round could prove detrimental for Samsung as its best-selling Galaxy range is in dispute, a line of products that the company can't afford to lose.

"Both in the United States and globally, Apple and Samsung have established themselves as fierce competitors in the smartphone market and fierce adversaries in the courtroom," Koh said during rulings on injunctions, testimony and other matters ahead of trial.

Meanwhile Apple is already appealing a court ruling from last year regarding the company's involvement in alleged ebook price fixing.