Drop everything, Apple AirPods have crashed to their lowest price EVER for Black Friday

Rejoice, the AirPods deal you were hoping for has landed!

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If you're in the market for a pair of Apple AirPods, there has never been a better time to buy. With the arrival of Black Friday sales, the next-generation wireless earbuds has been dropped to their lowest price yet.

It's not often that you see many significant price drops on the Apple AirPods, which makes this latest £20 discount to the usual £159 list price even more noteworthy.

Although we've seen plenty of retailers offer Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone XR price reduction for Black Friday, there's isn't a cheaper AirPods deal out there today. AirPods have dropped to a similar price point in the past, but never from a larger retailer – which should hopefully stop the earbuds selling out within seconds.

Despite persistent whispers of a second-generation pair of AirPods on the horizon, Apple still hasn't managed to top its existing offering in terms of size, AI voice assistant features, battery life and oh-so-simple pairing with iOS devices.

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