App Week: Facebook Camera app, Virtua Tennis hits iOS

Plus: Google adds in-app subscriptions and there's more Office for iPad rumblings

This week Facebook launched an Instagram-like Camera app, while Google finally added in-app subscriptions. Catch up on the biggest app news and latest reviews from the T3 App Chart.

Facebook launches Instagram-like Camera app
Not long after splashing out one billion dollars on Instagram, Facebook has launched a very, very similar standalone app that, apparently, doesn't use any of Instagram's infrastructure. Facebook Camera for iPhone allows you to edit and add filters to snaps and upload multiple shots from your camera roll. The app itself will, like Instragram, display photos from those you care about.

Google Play Store adds in-app subscriptions
Perhaps sniffing a few quid, Google had added the ability for app developers to buy monthly and annual subscriptions to their products from within the app. It is hoped that the move will open the door for more publishing houses to launch their titles on the platform. Oh, and speaking of publishing, did you know T3 just launched its first Retina Display-friendly iPad Edition?

Virtua Tennis comes to iPhone and iPad
To get you in the mood for Wimbledon (and the French Open, and the Olympics and that tournament before Wimbledon that Murray always does ok-ish in), Sega has unleashed Virtua Tennis Challenge for iOS devices. The game lets you take on 50 opponents on multiple surfaces in 18 venues around the world in singles or doubles competition. You can also take on a mate via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Office for iPad and Android coming in November?
More speculation this week that Microsoft may finally be ready to release the shackles from its Office app suite and bring the likes of Word, Powerpoint and Excel to IPad and Android. Sources claiming to have spotted the apps in the wild say they're identical to those leaked shots earlier this year. You know, those apps Microsoft denied even existed.

Nike Golf 360 analyses your swing, tracks your score
Although it's a US-only app at the time of writing, Nike Golf 360 is a pretty exciting tool for swingers looking to get their iPhone in on the action. You can download scorecards from thousands of courses across the country and track your scores over time. It'll also update your greens hit in regulation and fairways hit. On top of that, you can upload a video of your swing and have others give you tips.


iPhone/iPad App Review: Ziggurat
"We don't leave home without Ziggurat, and we doubt it will ever leave our home screen," says our reviewer. High praise, but it's quite simple stuff really. As the last human alive, you try and make your inevitable death a little less futile by taking some alien scum with you. Aim, shoot and die. That's about it really. Read our Ziggurat for iOS review.

Android App Review: Fancy
Pinterest is undoubtedly the social network of the moment (especially when you think about all that nasty Facebook IPO business...) and the lack of an official app for Android brings us to Fancy. Aptly described by its name, the neatly-designed Fancy allows you to pin stuff that you lust after to a board and share it with your friends. Check out our Fancy for Android review.

Windows Phone App Review: Sudoku
If some cheeky bugger has already filled in the Sudoku in the Metro newspaper, you can always turn to your Windows Phone for infinite number-crunching fun. "This Microsoft-crafted title is a rarity in the Windows Phone Marketplace, in that it's actually a free, ad-funded application that actually offers up a lot of decent elements," says our reviewer. Give Sudoku for Windows Phone a try.