AO has one of the best Google Home deals you'll find this Black Friday

"OK Google, buy me one"

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If you're looking to add some smarts to your dumb home then there's never been a better time than this Black Friday weekend. AO has knocked a generous £51 off the Google Home smart speaker, so you'll have to pay just £78 rather than £129 to get the Google Assistant installed in your house.

The number of tricks you can get the Google Home to do using nothing but your voice is growing and growing, and everything can be intuitively configured through the Google Home app on your phone - even the least tech-savvy users can get up and running in minutes, so it's a great Christmas gift for pretty much anyone.

Here's the offer AO is running:

Google Home smart speaker

Control a Chromecast, listen to Spotify, check the weather, look up facts from the web, find out the latest sports results, and much more besides with your very own Google Home - now just £78 if you buy it from AO.

Pick up a Google Home from AO

Besides responding to your voice commands, the Google Home can also be used as a speaker via Google Cast or Bluetooth, so you can easily stream tunes from Spotify or Google Play Music or any other app on your phone. It also works very neatly with a Google Chromecast, if you've got one at home.

Don't forget you've also got the option of the Google Home Mini, if you want something smaller, cheaper and less powerful in terms of audio output, and the bigger Google Home Max, though that latter one has yet to go on sale in the UK.

It's a range capable of going head-to-head with anything Amazon Echo has to offer, and with prices so low it's more affordable than ever.