Android App News: WalkSafe stops you being run over

Augmented Reality based app detects traffic coming toward you at more than 30mph

Avoid horrific spinal injuries with this free app for Android which uses Augmented Reality to send you a potentially life-saving alert when oncoming traffic is headed your way

Researchers at Dartmouth College have created a new app for Android which will help pedestrians notice oncoming cars travelling towards them at faster than 30mph.

The WalkSafe app for Android, which is free to download, uses your smartphone's camera lense and uses machine-learning and image recognition to detect when cars are moving in your general direction at a speed fast enough to kill you.

When a vehicle tops that all-important 30mph limit we all learned about in those harrowing "Kill your speed" commercials, your phone will let our a wee sound or give off a vibration warning you of the four-wheeled killing machine heading into your peripherals.

The theory is that the alert will make you more aware of your surroundings and perhaps even save your inattentive rear-end, while you're out walking and talking on your phone.

The researchers, who worked with the University of Bologna in Italy to create the app, say the will now work on improving the algorithms to make the app more reliable.