Amazon Prime Day PS4 and Xbox One deals: SSD and HDD prices slashed

Looking for Prime Day deals on PS4 and Xbox One SSDs and HDDs? We've got you covered

Amazon Prime Day HDD SSD deals
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While the Xbox Series X and PS5 are set to launch this November, not everyone is going to be forking out £500 for the new consoles right away. Whether you've just recently bought a PS4 or Xbox One, or want to wait until we're further into the next console generation before you upgrade, there are plenty of reasons for sticking with your current-gen hardware a while longer.

If you're slogging through your library of games, and are planning to add more, it's worth looking into storage options, and with Prime Day in full swing, you can get as much as 12TB for under £200!

We've rounded up our top three HDD and SSD picks for you below so you can expand your PS4 and Xbox One storage while keeping the costs down.

WD_Black D10 12TB external drive | 3 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | Was: £299.99 | Now: £194.99
The ultimate storage option for Xbox One, the WD_Black D10 can hold up to 300 games (average 36GB each) and is designed to boost performance with speeds up to 250MB/s. Featuring active cooling technology and two 7.5W USB Type-A charging ports so you can keep your accessories juiced up, as well as three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free, this is a great deal if you're looking to dive into Microsoft's game streaming service.  View Deal

Samsung T7 1TB SSD | Was: £200.99 | Now: £157.99
Samsung's external storage solution offers 1TB of space and has read/ write speeds of up to 1.050 MB/s or 1.000 MB/s, making it nine times faster than competing SSDs. It's a great option for both console and PCs, and it's also available in black for £169.99 if the indigo colourway is going to throw off your decor.View Deal

Seagate 4TB external HDD | Was: £109.99 | Now: £76.42
Seagate's HDD is a solid option if you're looking to expand your storage and keep the price down. With a huge 4TB for just over £75, or the 2TB option for just £49.99, this Prime Day saving isn't to be sniffed at. Deal

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