Amazon Prime Day: other retailers don't know Jack about great bourbon deals

Please drink your imported grain whisky responsibly

amazon prime day cheap bourbon deals
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Only 12 hours to go to enjoy these great bourbon whiskey deals, don't miss out on some great offers from these top whiskey makers!

Bourbon lovers, rejoice, Amazon Prime Day is here with all the great cheap bourbon whiskey deals to brighten up your week. Some of the bottles below are over 40 per cent off, more than enough reason to have a browse. Even if you aren't the biggest fan of bourbons, statistically everyone has at least one relative who is obsessed with whiskeys. Better get them a bottle now than having to spend loads later!

The name might come from the French (at least it's originated from the name of the French Bourbon-Dynasty), but this corn based alcohol is an all-American staple and has been declared a 'distinctive product of the United States' by the Congress in 1964. The origins of the name is shrouded in mystery but it definitely comes from and associated with the southern states of USA, Kentucky in particular.

You might know about the single most famous bourbon whiskey, produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee: yes, we are talking about Jack Daniels. What you might not know is that the distillery is located in what's called a 'dry-county', meaning it's actually illegal to sell alcohol in or around the distillery. Never mind, you don't need to travel all the way to the deep south to get your hands on a bottle, thanks to Amazon Prime Day. 

Bourbon whiskey has to be stored in charred new oak containers and must contain at least 51% corn, best way to get one of your 5 a day (please drink responsibly)!

The best Amazon Prime Day bourbon whisky deals

Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey | £18.99 | Was £32.93 | Save £13.94
Extra smooth taste thanks to the double mellowed distillation process. Taste a mix of caramel, mint and dark, ripe apples. Enjoy it neat, just like Jack did back in the day. 42% off for two days only (or until stocks last)!View Deal

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon Whiskey | £36.99 | Was  £49.99 | Save £13
Winner of more than 15 awards, Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a rich but mellow rye whiskey that was created in the true spirit if the USA.  Bottled at barrel proof with no added water giving the Rare Breed a rich and smooth flavour with hints of light oranges, mint and notes of sweet tobacco. Buy it £13 off this Amazon Prime Day.View Deal

All the rest of Amazon's bourbon whisky deals

Naturally, Amazon Prime Day has literally thousands of deals, from tech and gadgets to clothes and household appliances. Do you prefer Scotch whisky or maybe Irish whiskey over bourbon? T3 has all the roundups for you, saving you time and effort.

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