Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals dropping in week starting 15 July

PR leak slots massive piece of the Amazon Prime Day date puzzle into place

Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is coming and from what we know already it looks set to be the biggest, most deal-stuffed event the online retailer has ever held, with thousands of top products and technology made available for some stunningly low prices.

What we don't officially know, though, is when the Amazon Prime Day 2019 sale is going to start. However, that could have just changed dramatically, with a fresh new leak directly from a PR potentially giving the entire game away weeks before the event timing was due to be announced.

The leak, which is originally reported on by Real Homes, stems from an email from a PR firm about an Amazon "Deal of the Day" for a cordless vacuum cleaner that is set to go live on "July 16" this year with a large discount.

Now, Prime Day sales are largely structured around daily deals, with fresh products discounted each day to complement wider, event-long price drops. This therefore looks very much like one of this year's Amazon Prime Day deals but accidentally announced before any official dating for the event has been revealed.

Reading in to the fact that the deal goes live on July 16, 2019, which is a Tuesday, to us here at T3 that indicates that Amazon Prime Day 2019 will in fact start, as we've predicted before, on Monday 15 July and likely last until the 17th.

Now, of course, the PR might have got their dates wrong, so we would still take this dating with a pinch of salt. However, considering this leak came from a respected PR firm and all signs to date have pointed to that week in July as the most likely candidate for the Prime Day sale, we feel that there is definitely now plenty of smoke if not official fire.