Amazon launches Spring Pilots season: if you've got Amazon Prime then you've just landed fresh new content

Amazon Prime customers invited to watch and review 5 new shows to determine which will be made in the next Amazon Original Series

If you like tasty new TV shows, reviewing stuff and/or staring at dreamy Richard Madden for lengthy periods then your birthday has just come early. That's because Amazon has just launched its latest Spring Pilots season (opens in new tab), which allows Amazon Prime customers to watch and - if they so desire - review 5 new shows via one-off pilots. The winner, which is in part based on customer feedback, will then be commissioned for a full series and turned into the next Amazon Original Series.

Past Amazon Original Series that emerged out of previous Spring Pilots seasons include: Transparent (opens in new tab), Mozart in the Jungle (opens in new tab) and The Man in the High Castle (opens in new tab).

For those interested, here is the list of this season's pilot shows:

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

It’s 1958 Manhattan and Miriam “Midge” Maisel  (Rachel Brosnahan (opens in new tab), House of Cards (opens in new tab)) has everything she’s ever wanted—the perfect husband, two kids, and an elegant Upper West Side apartment perfect for hosting Yom Kippur dinner. But her perfect life suddenly takes an unexpected turn and Midge discovers a previously unknown talent—one that changes her life forever. She charts a course that takes her from her comfortable life on Riverside Drive, through the basket houses and nightclubs of Greenwich Village as she storms the world of stand-up comedy…a course that will ultimately lead her to a spot on Johnny Carson’s couch.


Based on the cult-hit novel The Book of Strange New Things (opens in new tab) from Michel Faber (opens in new tab), Oasis follows a priest (Richard Madden (opens in new tab), Game of Thrones) who is sent into space to help establish a colony on a distant planet.  What he ends up discovering not only puts his faith to the test, but life as we know it. The pilot also stars world-renowned Indian actor and producer Anil Kapoor (opens in new tab) (Slumdog Millionaire (opens in new tab), 24 (opens in new tab)) as Vikram Danesh, the head of the base on Oasis.

The Legend of Master Legend

The Legend of Master Legend is a dark comedy about the life of Frank Lafount (John Hawkes (opens in new tab)), aka Master Legend -- a homemade superhero whose mission is to protect the people of Las Vegas from evil doers. Master Legend juggles the demands of justice with the even more complicated demands of his real family, who don’t see him as a hero at all.

Budding Prospects

In 1983, three hapless city boys move from their comfort zone of the San Francisco counter-culture to Mendacino to grow marijuana. Their expectations of the experience being a back-to-the-land, nurturing adventure in a beautiful rustic setting run up against the harsh truth prior to their arrival at "The Summer Camp" – a miserably run-down shanty out in the middle of nowhere, where they are bedeviled by rats, snakes, mosquitoes, and harsh, unfriendly growing conditions, noisy neighbours, dangerous locals, and menacing law enforcement.

The New V.I.P.'s

Amazon’s first adult animated comedy show, The New V.I.P.’s follows a group of low level employees who seize control of a major corporation after accidentally murdering their boss.

So, there you have it. A mixed bunch for sure, however, there does at least seem to be something for most tastes. So far we've only watched Oasis here at T3 Towers, however, the quality was high and despite veering off from the source material we want to see more.

More information about Amazon's Spring Pilots season and Amazon Prime can be found on Amazon's official website (opens in new tab).

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