Amazon launches new photo sharing app, Cloud Drive Photos, for iPhone

The app is now available via the iTunes app store

Amazon has released its new Cloud Drive Photos app for iPhone with 5GB free Cloud Drive storage

Cloud Drive Photos is now available for download from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC, allowing you to backup your photos and access them on various devices.

5GB storage, around 2000 photos, comes free with the download and Cloud Drive photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and through e-mail.

The app requires access to a user's camera roll. Once it is turned on, photos are automatically uploaded to the Cloud Drive.

The service takes on other popular cloud-sharing apps such as Dropbox, iPhoto, and Flickr. Apple's iPhoto only allows 1,000 photos to be stored on its servers for up to 30 days, whereas Amazon's 2000 have no time limit.

Extra storage is available on three levels of subscriptions, 20GB for $10 (about £7) per year, 50GB for $25 (about £16), and 100GB for $50 (about £32).

Amazon's site explains that, "The app makes it simple to upload and store your photos directly from your iPhone so you never have to worry about them, even if your device is lost or damaged."

Amazon announced its plans for a Cloud Drive in 2011 and released the free app for Android back in November last year.

Source: AppleInsider

Image: Amazon