Best Amazon Prime Day deals: Echo Show price cut in half to only £99!

The touchscreen-equipped Amazon Echo is now half price

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The Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals bonanza is now on and, simply put, we're already absolutely blown away by the stunning discounts on offer.

Foremost among the deals on Amazon's own tech so far is this amazing half price deal on the Amazon Echo Show, the maker's large, touchscreen-equipped, Alexa-toting smart speaker.

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Before Amazon Prime day the Echo Show, which sits at the top of Amazon's smart speaker offering, retailed for £199.99, now though thanks to a huge 50% price reduction for Prime Day you can snap up the device for only £99.99.

Here are the full details of the Amazon Echo Show deal:

Amazon Echo Show | £99.99 (was £199.99)

What a lush deal on Amazon's touchscreen-equipped smart speaker this is. For only £99.99, which is a 50% reduction over its pre-Prime Day price of £199.99, you can currently pick up the Echo Show in either black or white colourway. One of, if not the best smart speakers on the market, this deal is definitely worth your time if you are currently looking to employ Alexa. The screen makes it so much more useful than the basic Echo, and the audio performance is also way punchier.
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In our opinion here at, if you are currently in the market for a smart speaker, then you should definitely take a look at this deal, as the Echo Show not only supports all the excellent Alexa voice commands and skills from the Echo and Echo Dot, but it can also play videos, show song lyrics, display feeds from security cameras, make video calls and more, too.

The Echo Show is Amazon's top-of-the-range smart speaker, so to see it going for the same price of the non-touchscreen equipped Google Home is just madness.

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