After a cheap drone for Christmas? Parrot's drone deals will fly off the shelves!

From the mighty ANAFI to the fun Mambo Fly, the best drone deals are here

Parrot drone deals

If you're looking for the best drones, one name stands out. That's right: DJI. But Parrot also makes some excellent flying machines, from toys to (almost) DJI-beating 4K camera drones. 

• It definitely has the best drone deals going today, courtesy of a sale at…

Right now you can get up to 50% off across a range of Parrot drones, including the range-topping ANAFI and the big-selling, fun-for-kids-and-adults Mambo.

However, the cheap drone goodness does not end there, because – not for the first time – Amazon is selling products at lower deal prices than even the actual brand can…

Parrot ANAFI drone | £469 at Amazon | Was £629 | Save £160
This was already a serious DJI rival but a price plunge (maybe that's a bad choice of words) to £469 makes it seriously tempting, undercutting the various DJI Mavic drones by a long way.

In our Parrot ANAFI review we gave it 4 stars and that was at its launch price of over £600. It shoots fantastic 4K footage, flies like a dream and has most of the automatic functions you'd expect in a premium drone. It does lack obstacle avoidance so hone your skills before flying it between trees.View Deal

Parrot ANAFI Extended pack | £620 | Was £730 | Save £110
This bonanza bundle really is 'extended' – it includes 2 additional 'smart' batteries and a USB-C cable to charge them, giving you a total flight time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

Also included is the very handy Parrot Skycontroller 3, a long-range controller that is much easier to use than a phone app alone.

You also get 4 extra propeller blades – which is handy if you're as cack-handed as we are – and a nice bag or, 'ultra-compact travel bag created especially for ANAFI Extended,' as the blurb has it. 

One other neat bonus is two months membership of Adobe Creative Cloud for photos or Adobe Premiere Pro CC 'to make your shots that much more striking'. You'll be a multimedia video ace as well as an air ace, in no time…View Deal

Parrot Mambo Fly | £60 at Parrot | Was £100 |Save £40
A somewhat less intimidating drone, Mambo Fly is great for those who have not yet earned their wings, whether they're 6 or 46. 

With simple flight controls via your phone as well as impressive stability for a supposed 'toy', Mambo Fly is one of the best beginner's drones you can get.View Deal

Parrot Bebop 2 with spare battery | £299 at Parrot | Was £510 | Save £211
Another great drone deal for those who get frustrated by the short battery life of these lightweight flyers, this is Parrot's popular mid-range drone with a bonus battery and an extra set of propellers.

Battery life is up to 50 minutes in total (you will have to swop the cells midway through that, obviously). Bebop 2 sits somewhere between the semi-pro ANAFI and the toy-like Mambo and this deal price is very solid – the best price we can find elsewhere is £279 at Amazon, but you only get one battery in that deal.View Deal

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