Adidas Boost: new running trainers coming in February?

Teaser video suggests new Adidas running shoes are inbound

Adidas teaser video and photo hints at new running shoe technology that promises 'endless energy' and more bounce.

With the London Marathon imminent, Adidas looks set to launch a new range of running shoes featuring their latest innovative running system, Adidas Boost technology.

A sneak preview video has been released on the Adidas running website alongside a photo of a running shoe on fire. The teasers promise that 'endless energy is coming' and claim we're about to see a new innovation that 'will change running forever.'

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In the video we see bouncing balls striking three different materials. It offers a comparison between the new 'boost' material, standard EVA - which is what a lot of existing running shoe soles are made of - and concrete. The ball on the new boost material bounces a whole lot longer than the other two suggesting a new range of running shoes that help people go further faster.

Details are still very few and far between but if Adidas has solved the problem of perpetual motion then there will be a lot of first time marathon runners thanking their lucky stars ahead of the spring marathon season.

They'll have to wait until the grand unveiling on the 13 Feb in the UK to see if their prayers are answered.

Watch the Adidas boost video: