Acer Iconia A700 Android tablet gets pricing

Full-HD tablet with quad-core teased at CES

As the battle begins for the best product from CES Acer have come out all guns blazing with a full-HD touting quad-core Iconia tablet set to make a stir

A German tech website has listed what it believes to be the pricing for the upcoming Acer Iconia A700 Tablet which has caused a bit of a stir in the tech world after it was announced that it would have a 1080p HD screen and Tegra 3 processor.

Tablet Test has listed the 16GB model at 549EUR (£460) while the 64GB model comes it at a hefty 749EUR (£627). This is of course very much subject to change, and it's expected that the UK pricing will more than likely round-up rather than round-down.

This comes just weeks after Acer announced that the full-HD quad-core Tegra 3 tablet was not only in the work but would be hitting stores this year.

While initially focusing on their cloud-based ventures the press conference at CES then ended with the company announcing that they would be launching an Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet in the near future.

According to Engadget the Iconia Tab will be running a 1.3Ghz Tegra 3 processor and has a native 1080p 'IPS quality' screen and while it is running Ice Cream Sandwich it does appear to have been skinned with Acer's own UI.

This 10.1 inch tablet comes with not only a mini-HDMI port but also a mini-USB and micro-SD slot. This screen size and specs layout would put it not only in line to compete with the newly released Asus Transformer Prime but also the Samsung Galazy Tab 10.1.

What do you think, is this too expensive or actually good value considering the specs? Let us know via the comments box below..

Source: Recombu