8 ways to get fit while staying in the warmth of home

You don’t need a home gym to be warm while you train

Yoga mat girl

To get fit and then stay fit is tough enough, without the added problem of facing the cold of outdoors everytime you train. That’s why making the comforts of home a haven for exercise is a great way to reach long-term better health.

By investing in a bit of kit for your home, which often doesn’t even require that much room, you can be sure you’ll keep up your exercise, come rain or shine. That can also mean you kit your place out with exactly the gear you need to suit your goals of whatever type of training you enjoy most – ensuring you keep at it.

Here are some of the best options to make sure you get to keep fit even when the outside wants to make you stay in bed.

1. Find your limits and stretch them

Yogis, pilates pros, circuit sorts and beyond – a good yoga mat can be a firm way to start your training. By getting the correct one, like the guidance included Liforme Yoga Mat, you can make sure training is always pushing you to your limits and beyond. All this and it won’t take up much room while working out and even rolls up for easy storage. Namaste.

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2. Resist the little voice of weakness

Resistance band

Another way to save space but keep your home looking gym-like is to get yourself a resistance band. These allow you to use simple movements to create muscular strain – minus bulky weights. This not only saves space but also ensures a safer workout where there is less chance of weight related injury.

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3. Run, come rain or shine

A home treadmill is a classic – it means you can run without getting that cold burn in your throat on a frosty morning, or get wet in a downpour. This will take up a bit more room but modern machines are quieter than ever and use less power too.

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4. Get ripped at home

Home gym

If space isn’t too much of an issue then you can get some of the best parts of the gym right in your home. We’re talking about home gyms, meaning weights machines that are condensed enough to turn a room into a workstation that works your entire body.

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5. Build muscle without eating space

A great way to keep that gym focused training without taking up as much room as home gym is to opt for weights. Build up muscle by varying the types of free weight work – meaning a more enhanced lifting session that forces you to keep it fresh and interesting.

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6. Keep cycling, indoors

Turbo trainer

If you already own a bike and love a good cycle but don’t enjoy the cold and rain, a turbo trainer is ideal. This lets you cycle on your bike, only indoors at home. This is a great way to catch up on Netflix while burning calories at the same time.

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7. Row yourself fitter, faster

Rowing machine

Rowing is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness while at the same time building muscle and strengthening your back. What’s not to love? Oh right, yeah, the cold of being on a river. That’s why rowing machines are great, especially in the comfort of home.

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8. Swing yourself strong 


There’s a reason kettlebells get their own love aside from weights in general. They are unique and offer lots of ways to enhance weight training that get you fit, strong and flexible. They also don’t take up much room at home, making for an ideal training partner on those cold days outside.

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