3 unmissable sub-£350 mattress deals from the Black Friday sales

A tight budget doesn't have to mean a poor-quality mattress – these cheap mattress deals from leading brands prove it

Otty Aura hybrid mattress
(Image credit: Otty)

It's not quite Black Friday yet, but pretty much everyone has jumped the gun and launched their official sale already. Which means we're knee-deep in price-drops already. If you've been hoping to pick up a bargain mattress in the holiday sales, but are struggling to make sense of the many Black Friday mattress deals flying around, allow us to help. 

All of T3's five-star rated mattresses have had a major Black Friday price cut, but those are still a bit of an investment, even with 40% off. Fear not, though, a smaller budget doesn't mean a rubbish mattress. All of these three mattresses come from brands we trust, and punch well above their low price tags, especially with their Black Friday discounts applied. They're amongst the best Black Friday deals we've spotted.

This article rounds up three cheap mattress deals we'd actually recommend. The criteria for inclusion is that the Double size is under £350 (there are discounts on all sizes, so you don't have to go for a Double, of course). These are excellent buys for your spare room, university-bound teen, or... er... second home?

Emma Original mattress: was £699, now £346 at Emma with code SUPERT3 (save £353)
If you want a memory foam only mattress, our top pick is the Emma Original. Add code SUPERT3 to knock an extra 10% off the already discounted price. This mattress is supremely comfy, supportive and great value, as our Emma mattress review will attest.

Eve Lighter foam mattress (double): was £429, now £278 at Eve (save £151)
Clocking in well under the £350 cutoff, the Eve Lighter is a bit of a hidden gem in the memory foam mattress world. In our Eve Lighter mattress review we found it delivered great temperature regulation and low motion transfer. There's also a hybrid version, with springs, if you're willing to shell out a bit more.

Otty Aura Hybrid mattress (double): was £699.99, now £349.99 at Otty (save £350)
The Aura is OTTY's cheapest mattress, and the one that's had the biggest price drop in the range this Black Friday, with a full 50% off. It's 23cm tall, boasts a 70:30 springs to foam ratio, and should deliver a reliably comfy night's sleep. We really rate this mattress brand, and have had great experiences with its other models. 

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