3 in 4 Britons not sold on wearable tech

According to a survey, only one in four Brits believe wearable devices will improve their lives

Wearable devices might be taking the tech industry by storm, but most Britons are yet to be won over. According to a survey, only one in four Brits believe wearable tech will improve their day-to-day lives. Not only that, one in 10 believe the tech will actually make their lives harder.

This news comes as the tech surfs a wave of hype concerning the Apple Watch. Apple's first wearable device is set to start pre-orders on April 10, and will hit shops on April 24.

We're not a nation of complete sceptics, however. More than half (56 per cent) of all respondents think connected home devices will make their lives easier.

The survey was carried out for Hive by British Gas. Hive is the gas company's smart thermostat, which falls squarely into the connected home category. So naturally British Gas is keen to shout about the results.

The survey was carried out by Opinium, and included 2,000 nationally representative UK adults.

Despite looking forward to connected home tech, only 30 per cent of respondents realised that it was already widely available.

After smart home, artificial intelligence was the next most wished for tech, followed by driverless cars.

Should wearables companies be worried? Not really. While these stats are dispiriting, plenty of other studies predict wearables will boom in the coming years. Smartwatches alone are expected to sell 91.6 million units in 2018, according to BI Intelligence. That would make it a $9.2 billion industry.

While the Apple Watch has generated plenty of column inches, it still hasn't launched. Come April, it's guaranteed to raise awareness of such devices, and spur sales of smartwatches as a category.

Whether smartwatches are around for the long term is another question entirely.