3 best Currys' Cyber Monday soundbar deals

Cyber Monday deals on SONOS, Samsung and Sony soundbars

Soundbar deals
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Cyber Monday deals have arrived and just when you didn't think there could be any more audio reductions, Cyber Monday soundbar deals arrive too. As part of its reductions, Currys has slashed the price of three excellent soundbars so no matter your budget, there's definitely a long thin speaker here for the front of your TV. Let's take a look at what's on offer. 

Top of our list is the saving of £100 on the SONOS Beam which has been reduced from £399 to £299. As we said in our five star SONOS Beam review, this is officially the best soundbar you can get for under £400 so an extra saving of £100 on top of that is very much appreciated. With an ultra easy set up, great sound and the ability to continue add additional SONOS speakers for an even noisier wireless set up, the Beam is a brilliant investment. 

While the SONOS Beam just comes with one speaker in the box, our next two deals have both the traditional soundbar and an additional wireless subwoofer for even better audio. First off, the Samsung HW-T450 2.1 Wireless soundbar has been reduced from £249 to £124.50 as part of Currys Cyber Monday deals. Half price is exactly the kind of reductions we like when it comes to impressive additional bass from an included subwoofer.

And then there's the Sony HS-S350 2.1 Wireless soundbar which has been reduced from £270 to £159 at Currys. Again, the addition of the wireless subwoofer makes an essential upgrade when it comes to upgrading your audio for watching movies and TV. Plus, the fact that it's wireless means you don't need to worry about hiding away those pesky wires. Win. For even more bargains on audio, check out our guide to the best soundbars.

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SONOS Beam soundbar | Was £399 | Now £299 | Save £100 at Currys
As we said, in our five star SONOS Beam soundbar review, this is an exceptional soundbar which is absolutely the best in its price range. With a saving of an additional £100 as part of Cyber Monday deals then is even better. The Sonos Beam has brilliant sound and is absurdly easy to set up. The only problem you'll have is stopping yourself upgrading with multiple speakers to add a surround sound element or invest in multiroom audio. View Deal

Samsung HW-T450 Wireless soundbar | Was £249 | Now £124.50 | Save £124.50 at Currys
An additional wireless subwoofer makes this Samsung soundbar sound even better as you position it wherever you like without worrying about the hazards of additional wires. You'll also only need one remote for both your smart TV and soundbar, making this a seriously attractive prospect.  View Deal

Sony HT-S350 2.1 Wireless soundbar | Was £279 | Now £159 | Save £120 at Currys
This Sony soundbar also boasts an additional wireless subwoofer for more of a surround sound set up. It also works with both optical and HDMI outputs if your TV is busy on the wire side of things. Add in wireless Bluetooth streaming and you can send your Spotify tracks straight from your phone or tablet. View Deal

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