2021 iMac looks irresistible in iPad Air-like colours that mimic the classic 1998 iMac

The first iMac with Apple Silicon will a beautiful new look, according to this new leak

iMac 2021
(Image credit: Future)

The iMac is long overdue for a redesign, and the latest rumblings are than it will get one this year, when the first Apple M1 version is launch, using similar Apple-made chips to what's in the M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro

But according a new leak from regular spout of Apple secrets Jon Prosser, we won't just get a new look for the iMacs, we'll get some new hues as well. Prosser says there will be five colour options for the next iMac: silver, black, rose gold, green and blue. And we think this new design looks astounding, based on the illustration below.

These colours are what the iPad Air (2020) is available in, so that feels like a natural choice – especially since Prosser's claimed new physical design for the machines looks very much like a mix between the iPad Air and Apple's new XDR Pro Display.

Apple iMac 2021

A concept render of the five colours and the new design.

(Image credit: Jon Prosser)

Those who've been following Apple for a long time will be getting some welcome flashbacks from these colours – Apple hasn't made iMacs available in anything other than white or grey since the original iMac design, first launched in 1998 in a famous 'Bondi Blue' hue, though 13 other colours were available over its lifetime. Many of them were fruit-named – we'd love to see Apple call these iMacs 'Strawberry' and 'Blueberry' instead of 'Rose Gold' or 'Sky Blue'.

We've embedded a video below that runs through the new design, with more images.

A big question remaining is what would go inside this new iMac – an M1 chip of some kind for sure, but how powerful would it be? The existing M1 processor used in the 13-inch MacBook Pro would certainly work for an entry-level mode, and we really hope there's a low-price option that uses this.

But we're expecting a more powerful version to appear in a larger 2021 MacBook Pro, with 12 or even 16 cores, and that's seems likely to be included in the new iMac. The cool running of Apple's processors should mean this iMac could operate silently, with only minimal fan cooling, which would be really welcome too.

Prosser has also revealed a claimed image of what a Mac Pro powered by an Apple-made processor would look like, and again the Apple faithful will feel like they're seeing a classic reborn. One the one hand, you could say it looks like several Mac Mini stacked on each other; on the other, you might say it looks a lot like the infamous G4 Cube – one of the most elegant but impractical computer designs of all time.

Of course, the Cube's problems were with its internal design, and this would probably be nothing like it inside. It's said that Apple is working on processors of up to 64 cores, which would make this one hell of a pocket rocket.

Mac Pro Mini

(Image credit: Jon Prosser, Concept Creator)

When will see these new toys? There's talk of an Apple event in March 2021, with AirPods 3 and iPad Pro 2021 hotly anticipated for announcement there. Will we see both iMac and MacBook Pro appear as well? We'd love it, but it would certainly be a packed schedule. It might be more likely that at least one would be held back for WWDC 2021 in June, which is Apple's big software conference. It has often announced pro-friendly hardware there, so we might see the Macs there – and that's the absolute earliest we'd expect a Mac Pro powered by Apple chips.