11 per cent of second-hand hard drives are unwiped

ICO investigation reveals dangers of leaving information on hard drives

The Information Commissioners Office has discovered that many of us still don't completely wipe our devices before putting them up for sale

An investigation by the Information Commissioners Office discovered that of the 200 second-hand hard drives they bought, 11 per cent contained information classified as sensitive.

The investigation involved buying 200 second-hand hard drives, 20 flash drives and 10 mobile phones, of these they found that an alarming 48 per cent contained information while 11 per cent had information which could be deemed sensitive.

Of the 11 per cent they found that two had enough personal information for a criminal to completely steal the previous owners identity. Four hard drives were also found to contain company employee information.

Around 34,000 files were found including bank statements, medical documents as well as passport information. As a result of these findings the ICO has published a guide educating the public on how to protect their privacy.

Source: BBC News
Image Credit: Flickr