10 Worst revamps ever

Will Google+ join this illustrious list?

As Google decides to give Google+ a design overhaul, we hope that it does not join our list of the worst revamps ever...

Still not joined up to Google+? Well, the search engine giants have been busy tweaking its social networking application with hopes of enjoying the kind of surge in users that Pinterest has recently enjoyed.

Having received a mixed reaction from the Google+ public so far , we hope for Google's sake that its attempts to take on Facebook and Twitter does not go the way of the following misguided revamps...

1. Robocop 3

When Peter Weller's gunned-down cop was turned into the world's most techy police enforcer, we cheered his gore-laden, 18-rated revenge. Six years later, everyone's favourite cyber-avenger was reincarnated as babysitter to a load of street urchins as film-makers whiffed the family film dollar. Less “20 seconds to comply”, more “20 minutes till bedtime, don't forget to brush your teeth”. The less said about the bit where he flies the better…

2. Nintendo 3DS

Take one ridiculously successful handheld gaming console – 150 million units sold – add a dash of 3D, the Marmite of the tech world, and hey presto: the most disappointing sales since Ringo's solo albums. At least Amazon isn't considering taking those off its virtual shelves.

3. New Coke

In 1985, Coca-Cola Company CEO Roberto Goizueta, one of the company's flavour chemists, launched “New Coke”, proclaiming it smoother, rounder and bolder. In reality, it had just been made even sweeter by lab boffins. Coke received more than 400,000 complaints and a psychiatrist was hired to field calls from a devastated public. Three months later, old Coke was back. While there's a school of thought that this was a genius marketing ploy, we favour the cock-up theory.

4. Symbian Anna

The Symbian horse has a badly broken leg. Everyone knows that it's about to be taken around the back of the stable to be put out of its misery. It will be a sad end to a life of clunky performances, frequently changing jockeys and guilt at previously having nearly lost its owners the farm. But, while Symbian still breathes, and as Windows Phone 7 is busy loading the barrels, let's dress it up with some slightly rounder icons and start calling it a girl's name, shall we? Let it live its last moments as mutton dressed as OS lamb.

5. MySpace

The most popular social networking site from 2006 to 2008, Myspace was worth $12 billion in 2007. Then Facebook came along and that was the end of that – profits plummeted, staff were offed. The radical, company-salvaging solution? Change the word “space” in the logo to an actual space. Like when Gazza wanted to be called G8, but without the chance of even sympathy-vote usage.

6. Sonic The Hedgehog

The Sonic of the 90s was a hardcore, destroy-everything- in-its-path badass of a mammal who you wouldn't wish to ruck with. Fast forward to the present day and you find a rather more sedate Mr Hedgehog often being outpaced in Olympic events by fat Italian workmen. At one point he even rides a horse. A horse! A hedgehog on a horse?! What next, a plumber riding a dinosaur? Oh…

7. Digg

The democratic social news-sharing website had something of a revamp on August 25 last year. It removed numerous features that people actually quite liked and was accused of favouring stories from big, nasty corporate news sites rather than the little guys. August 30 became Quit Digg Day and CEO Kevin Rose's resignation was accepted earlier this year.

8. Most bands that go electro

U2 circa Pop; The Killers asking whether we are human or, in fact, er, dancer; Robbie Williams pratting about during his Rudebox disaster; the arthritic drum & bass stylings of David Bowie's 1997 Earthling album… Do us a favour, boys: leave the synths alone.

9. Sky TV's EPG

Where's the music gone? Why can the screen only manage to squeeze in a few channel listings at a time? Why does the little telly in the corner of the listings always manage to reveal who won the Grand Prix? But what makes us most sad about it all? No Christmas music from October till February. Boo.

10. Every Facebook tweak ever

Or so it would seem. Every so often the social networking empire pushes through a tiny update and, on cue, Facebookers start petitions en masse, as if Zuckerberg and co will just bow to public opinion and change it all back. A day later nobody has any clue what the “old Facebook” looked like, as they punch in status updates like massive goldfish.