Samsung Galaxy X dual battery system revealed

This could go longer than phones with half the screen

Samsung Galaxy X concept
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone has leaked again, this time revealing the dual battery system that should help keep all that screen space powered up for all day use and beyond.

The battery news comes via LetsGoDigital which has quoted a Korean research agency as one source and found a patent to support the source's claims. This, it says, has revealed the Samsung Galaxy X will have two batteries, one in each section of the folding phone. So why should we care?

Folding phone screens could mean all sorts of useful new features like better multitasking, fold out tablet style video and more. But it's battery life we want. So by adding in more batteries, thanks to that extra space, we could also be in for a better battery life than simply one day.

Of course all the power running the Galaxy X, and that huge screen, will likely chew through the batteries. So if the dual batteries actually end up adding life remains to be seen.

Another feature here is smart power where the patent describes the phone's ability to use the battery with the most power when needed. In reverse to that it will charge the lower powered one first, which will take charge faster, meaning quicker top-ups for fast charging.  This should apply to both wired and wireless charging.

The total combined battery powered is rumoured to sit at the 6,000mAh mark. This makes that official launch, expected at MWC in February, all the more exciting.