How to watch PE with Joe Wicks on Fancy Dress Friday 22 May: tire out the kids and get summer-bod ready with the Body Coach

'P.E. with Joe' is on Monday-Friday at 9am GMT! Follow the sensational live HIIT workout with T3

Joe Wicks PE With Joe
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Fancy Dress Friday!

According to Youtube, millions have been watching PE with Joe Wicks for over nine weeks now. One wonders: how do people find the morning workouts? We can all agree that PE with Joe is not just for kids, fully-grown adults can get fit and melt away body fat following the Body Coach's daily training sessions. If you want to get in shape for summer, you'd better watch today's PE with Joe on 22 May, link to the video below.

'P.E. with Joe' has become one of the things that keeps us from going mad indoors in these trying times and if you want to watch the latest episode of the popular kids workout, you can do it here, we'll link the video below every morning it's on. No, not that advert video about a phone or whatever; the one a bit further down.👇🏼

• Watch all previous episodes of 'P.E. with Joe' on Youtube for free

Joe has pushed the adorability levels of the scale today by not only dressing as Superman but also bringing on his daughter in a tutu, to the delight of little ones all around the world. Hopefully 'Fancy dress Friday with Joe' will continue even after the quarantine has been lifted. The Body Coach has also reassured us in an interview with The Telegraph that he will "keep doing [P.E. with Joe] for as long as it's needed". Hurrah!

Just how popular is 'P.E. with Joe'? Everyone's favourite Joe has received a certificate from the Guinness World Record for being the most streamed live fitness workout EVER: on March 24, 955,158 people were following the live broadcast from around the world. Pretty impressive if you ask us.

The Body Coach is already regarded as one of the nicest people in the fitness industry but it feels like Joe doesn't want to stop there: he announced that profits from his YouTube PE sessions will be donated to the NHS. We're sure he makes shedloads of money through his books and programs now, but still, it's a nice gesture and the NHS surely appreciates any help it can get.

How to watch 'P.E. with Joe' videos on Youtube

The easiest way to watch Joe Wicks' PE lessons is to visit The Body Coach Youtube channel at 9am BST every weekday morning and tune in for the live feed. It is displayed right at the top of the channel with the little "LIVE" box flashing in the corner on the video thumbnail. The next one is either Monday or Tuesday, depending on whether Joe decides to Take a well-earned Easter break on the bank holiday.

If you miss a live episode there is no need to worry: all previous episodes are available to watch on The Body Coach channel, neatly organised into playlists.

• Watch all episodes of 'P.E. with Joe – Week 1

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• Watch all episodes of 'P.E. with Joe – Week 6

• Watch all episodes of 'P.E. with Joe – Week 7

Should you want to mix things up a bit, below are more ideas and tips on how to tire out the little ones so you can get some work done or get some rest. 

We actually met Joe once, and although we had absolutely no idea who he was at the time, he was genuinely a very nice guy. And nowadays, he is a genuinely nice and very successful guy, who is helping the nation stay fit in trying times.

Joe started introducing more ways to keep the kids entertained: On Friday 3 April it was 'fancy dress Friday' and he wore a Spiderman suit, on Thursday 2 April he changed a few things around in his home studio and asked kids to "spot the difference" between his previous videos and this one. Wednesday's episode of 'P.E. with Joe' was interrupted by a dead battery so the screen went blank for a few minutes, giving everyone in the group chat a fright.

• Cheap trampolines to help your kids burn off energy in the garden

In case you need even more inspiration than the Wickster can provide, we've also collected four further tips on how to keep the kids entertained at home. It's always good to tire them out a bit, isn't it, mums and dads? Yeah, we know. 

  • Home exercise for adults: get fit at home with these FREE online classes and apps including Fitbit, MoveGB, Centr and more

Get the Joe Wicks home look

Fender Stratocaster | Prices from £779 at Fender
Joe might be playing 'spot the difference' with his subtly changing home backdrop, but this Fender Stratocaster guitar is on the wall in most of his videos. This iconic instrument was designed in the 50's and has been used ever since by musicians such as  Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton. There are plenty of different varieties available, prices from £779 at Fender.View Deal

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite shoes | Shop the Vivobarefoot 25% off sale, offer ends midnight 2 April
Some of you might have noticed that Joe is using special shoes in his 'P.E. with Joe' videos: they are the excellent Vivobarefoot Primus Lite shoes that sport a signature 3mm 'barefoot' sole for maximum sensory feedback and minimum interference. The upper is made of recycled PET plastic bottles woven into a durable yarn to create a vegan and – most importantly – breathable movement shoe.View Deal

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More online PE classes plus top tips to tire out kids at home

(Image credit: The Little Gym)

The Little Gym – kids home workout videos on Youtube

• Check out The Little Gym's Youtube channel

While physical gyms are closed, the Little Gym is trying to keep the kids fit by offering free workout videos on its Youtube channel. Each week they will be adding four new classes to their UK YouTube channel aimed at different age groups from 4 months to 12 years. The third weeks classes go live on the 9 April. All previous videos are available to watch as well, providing the kids even more ways to work out at home.

(Image credit: Oti Mabuse – Facebook)

Oti Mabuse – free kids dance classes

• Check out Oti's Youtube channel where you'll find all her previous dance videos too

Oti Mabuse of Strictly Come Dancing fame, alongside her husband Marius Lepure, has started streaming free dance classes for kids on her Youtube, Facebook and Instagram page. Each day has a different theme and we have to give the pair credit for trying to look the part by dressing in something theme-appropriate each time.

The live streams are at 11:30 am every day, Monday-Sunday, for the time being anyway. The classes are aimed at kids but adults are welcome to join in too. The schedule for the rest of the week (w/c 6 April) is as follows:

8 April (Wednesday) – Moana

9 April (Thursday) – Spider-Man

10 April (Friday) – Tangled

11 April (Saturday) – Happy Feet

12 April (Sunday) – Madagascar

(Image credit: SmarTrike)

Get a trampoline

• Shop trampolines at Amazon

• Shop trampolines at Argos

Kind of an obvious one here: jumping up and down on a trampoline is fun activity for the kids and while the little ones are in the enclosure, parents can rest easy and concentrate on other things than just monitoring the whereabouts of the toddlers. People with gardens are in a better situation but there are plenty of indoor trampolines available both at Amazon and Argos too. If you have a low ceiling, that might be an issue, so please always check the recommended height before you buy.

(Image credit: LTA)

LTA – tennis at home activities for kids

• Check out the LTA Home Activities hub here

The LTA – the National Governing Body of tennis for Great Britain – has pulled together 12 fun exercises the whole family can play at home. Judging by the videos, having a decent sized garden would definitely help but even if don't have access to a self-contained outdoor area, you can still find many activities to do indoors on the LTA Home Activities page.

(Image credit: VWH)

Get a skipping rope

• Shop skipping ropes at Amazon

• Shop skipping ropes at Argos

We used to love skipping ropes when we were young, and kids nowadays still appreciate the challenge that is doing skipping for more than a few minutes at a time? Skipping ropes are dirt cheap so making the kids play with one is also a wise decision economically. And most significantly of all, skipping is the only pastime enjoyed by both small children and enormous boxers. This is a hobby with broad appeal.

(Image credit: Fitbit)

Get a kids fitness tracker

Getting an activity tracker, like the Fitbit Ace 2 or the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 for the kids can motivate them to move more, just like how getting a new Fitbit Charge 4 might make you a little bit more active than before. The Fitbit Ace 2 is recommended for older kids with the accompanying apps and games while the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is best suited for littler ones, the screen being protected more by the silicone strap.

Fitbit Ace 2 vs Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 – which kids' activity tracker is best for you?

(Image credit: Wahoo)

Set the turbo trainer up for older children

Best turbo trainer: the best smart trainers are the ultimate home gym buy

Thinking outside the box here, but you could set up a wheel-on turbo trainer for a smaller wheel size and let the kids enjoy your Zwift membership for a bit. Maybe not the littlest ones but older children should be able to use a smart trainer such as the Wahoo Kickr Snap, if supervised properly. Alternatively, there is the true kids' version of a turbo trainer…