How to watch PE with Joe Wicks Friday 15 January: workout with the Body Coach LIVE on YouTube

Ready to work out with Joe Wicks once again? Watch PE with Joe LIVE three times a week here on T3

how to watch PE with Joe Wicks Wednesday 13 January
(Image credit: Joe Wicks / The Body Coach)

Joe Wicks is LIVE on Friday 15 January, scroll down to see today's workout video! Everyone's favourite Body Coach just announced on Instagram last week that he will return with more LIVE workouts this January to entertain both kids and adults. After yet another lockdown announcement, a bit of support from everyone's favourite Joe will help us keep calm and carry on.

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The Body Coach announced his return on Instagram: "PE with Joe is back ❤️🙌🏽 Starting Monday the 11th January at 9am on my YouTube channel. I am committing to 3 live sessions per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am (UK time) They will be 20 minutes long and designed for children."

The latest PE with Joe live workout

You can also watch all previous episodes of 'P.E. with Joe' on Youtube for free.

PE with Joe already made a comeback in late 2020 but those episodes were not live and didn't become as popular as the original live workouts were. Now that schools are closed again and kids can spend less time playing outside, we are sure most parents will appreciate the return of live PE with Joe workouts.

'P.E. with Joe' used to be one of the things that kept us from going mad indoors during the initial lockdown and if you want to watch the latest episode of the popular kids workout, you can do it here, we'll link the video just above every morning it's on. Hopefully, we'll see even more 'Fancy dress Friday with Joe' going forward and a it is a good indication that just recently, Joe had a live 'Halloween Special' workout session that involved the whole Wicks household: cuteness overload!

Just how popular is 'P.E. with Joe'? Everyone's favourite Joe has received a certificate from the Guinness World Record for being the most streamed live fitness workout EVER: on March 24, 955,158 people were following the live broadcast from around the world. Pretty impressive if you ask us.

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Top 5 episodes of PE with Joe

There have been a LOT of great episodes of PE with Joe over the last couple of months. We could've just included all the Fancy Dress Friday or PE with Rosie episodes, they were all great on their own terms. Here are our top 5 picks of best EVER PE with Joe episodes.

#5 – Friday 17th March (Scooby Doo, where are you?)

We loved Joe's choice of fancy dress in this episode and so did the rest of the audience: the video has over 1.2 million views so far.

#4 – Saturday 9th May (family workout)

We all love a good garden workout nowadays, especially in this weather. This weekend episode was a one off and honestly, we hoped Joe would give himself a bit of break over the weekend, especially after his hand surgery. Glad he did this episode, though.

#3 – Friday 4th April (enter Spiderman)

Probably the best fancy dress episode to date and we love how the thumbnail is just a 'shopped image of Joe's head over Tom Hollands' body. the actual costume was more of a cheap variety, making the video all the more hilarious.

#2 – Monday 23rd March (the first episode)

Still the most watched episode of PE with Joe episode ever: with the first live workout, the Body Coach was in the right place at the right time. This video alone has been watched over 6.8 million times so far.

#1 – Monday 4th May (PE with Rosie)

Dubbed the "hottest substitute teacher ever", Rosie helped Joe out for a few days after his hand surgery and fans went bonkers over how physically fit Rosie was. Her presence also rejuvenated the series and gave it a boost it needed.

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This is part of T3's Fit for 2021 programme, which will be running throughout January. We aim to bring you tips on diet, lifestyle and exercise that will help you shape up for what is certain to be a difficult year. One thing we can guarantee: it WILL be better than last year. And hopefully we'll help you get the most out of it.