Fresh thinking for forgotten food

Keep food fresh for longer with Hotpoint’s Day 1 technology

If you’ve ever opened the fridge door and immediately regretted it, you’ll know the problem of forgotten food. All too often the fresh food we buy ends up in the bin instead of our bellies because it goes off too quickly or we forget to use it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep our food fresh for longer? 

Hotpoint’s Day 1 technology, available from, delivers exactly that. 

Fresh thinking

We know fresh food is good for us, but it doesn’t always stay good for long enough. That’s because bacteria can grow quickly and spoil your fresh fruit and veg. Hotpoint’s Day 1 technology uses a mix of clever technologies to make that happen much more slowly, and helps to keep your food as fresh as it was on the day you bought or picked it. That means no more wilted leaves or unpleasant odours.

First of all, Day 1 uses Active Oxygen to battle bacteria. Active Oxygen is a powerful, broad spectrum anti-microbial agent that acts against nasties of all kinds including smells: you can chuck the smelliest blue cheese imaginable into a Day 1 fridge without worrying about it contaminating the flavour of anything else. Not only does it reduce bad odours by up to 70%, but it keeps bacteria at bay too. Active Oxygen reduces bacteria growth by up to 90%. 

Keeping the right temperature makes a huge difference too, so Hotpoint Day 1 fridges return to the normal temperature really quickly after the door has been opened and closed again. They also include a clever Multi-Use Drawer that enables you to place fresh food in the perfect temperature zone: above the crisper for 0 degrees, perfect for meat and fish, or in the middle where the 5-degree zone is ideal for fruit and veg. Chill mode keeps that cold air circulating for maximum freshness.

Cool ideas

Day 1 technology is great for leftovers too. Hotpoint’s innovative Super Cool + technology drops food temperature from 70 degrees to 3 degrees C super quick, cooling freshly prepared meals or leftovers to make them stay fresh for longer. And Safe Defrost brings frozen food to the right temperature without any fuss. 

As you’d expect, Day 1 fridge-freezers by Hotpoint are available with frost-free operation to keep them free from ice crystals. But you might not expect a multi-temperature compartment that you can adjust to suit your specific requirements: minus 7 to freeze the weekly shop while offering easy defrosting, minus 12 for perfectly scoopable ice-cream, or minus 18 for a traditional deep freeze.

A winning combination

The combination of Hotpoint and is a winning one. Hotpoint’s Day 1 technology comes with Jamie Oliver’s seal of approval, and’s 5-star TrustPilot rating comes from over 100,000 happy customers. 

That’s because delivers exceptional customer service. Its price promise saves you the faff of trying to compare online prices: checks every price everywhere every day so that you know you’re getting the best deal. 

And you’re getting that deal on the day you want it. Forget vague delivery promises and hanging around your home hoping that some day your courier may come. offers next day delivery and will text you with a 4-hour delivery window so you can get on with your day, tracking every stage of the delivery with’s excellent app. If you prefer, you can select a later date for as far as six weeks in the future. 

That’s the kind of fresh thinking we know you’re going to love. 

To find out more about Hotpoint’s Day 1 technology and’s exceptional service, check out the range here