Best torrent clients to download 2014

Top torrent clients to speed up downloads and save time searching

Whether your operating system of choice is Windows, Mac OSX, Linux or even Android, we've got a top torrent client that'll work for you. The peer to peer tech is as popular as ever, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but if you're using it for legitimate means, these clients will speed everything up.

We've rounded up a selection of the best torrent clients you can download right now, what's more is that they are not just restricted to Windows. We've got support for Linux, Mac and Android, plus a load of nifty features like encryption, in-app search and RSS readers.


A pretty basic client, but one that has both good points and some rather annoying ones. There's support for loads of encryption standards, including SSL and even an RSS reader for alerts on the latest slew of torrents. Performance is snappy, you can play about with settings to create a more customised approach, or keep it simple.

Annoyingly though is the apps insistence of pushing extra software downloads on to your computer, plus an ever growing amount of annoying ads. Keep an eye out.

Download uTorrent here


A strong alternative to uTorrent, qBittorrent not only works on Windows, but also on both Linux and Mac OSX, making it a perfect pick for multiplatform users. The UI is both simple and clean, with everything laid out in a straightforward manner. A handy search box makes finding and downloading torrents as easy as a few clicks.

Download qBit Torrent here


If you want to ditch all the pro-level features that you never touch and go for something a little more straight to the point, then MediaGet is for you. The initial focus when you open the app is on the search, which makes finding content as easy of possible and even when you're in the process of downloading things keep with that simple style. There is an advanced settings menu, but even this can be completely hidden from view.

Download MediaGet here

Bit Torrent Free

Basically the same as uTorrent, just with a fresh skin of paint. That's it. So, as we mentioned before, it features support for lots of encryption standards, snappy performance and a boatload of added goodies. But watch out for those ads and extra downloads.

Download Bit Torrent Free here


A Mac staple for many, Transmission is quick, straight to the point and pretty reliable. It may not feature some of the more swanky features of other clients, or a dedicated in-app search, but its lightweight nature means we can probably forgive that.


Bit Torrent for Android

Moving away from the desktop side of things, Bit Torrent for Android lets you, guess what, download Torrents from your phone to your phone. The app isn't the most polished and it lacks features, but if all you want to do is easily get to torrents on your HTC One M8 then this is for you.

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