Awesome spy gadgets to buy 2015

Snooping gadgets perfect for a wannabe James Bond

Not a fan of sipping a Martini shaken, not stirred? Fear not. There are other ways to get your spy game on.

There are, in fact, plenty of gadgets to help you live out your dream of being a spy and international man of mystery. Here are ten of the very best around. The question is, are you more Austin Powers than 007?

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Mini Global GPS Tracker

For knowing where someone is you really need to be able to triangulate a phone signal or something. Failing that, just stick the Mini Global GPS Tracker about someone's person or belongings and you can know their every movement. Useful if you have a wayward pet or need to keep tabs on your nemesis (we're joking, obviously).

£16.37 | Amazon

Google Glass

Someone as stylish and sophisticated as James Bond would probably not wear Project Glass, but the likes of Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible certainly would. Catching a cheeky photo of the suspect without them knowing, accessing the internet, translating a menu ─ there are plenty of uses for Google's computerised eyewear.

£1,000 | Google

Bushnell Digital Stealth View Binoculars

For keeping an eye on a target at night, you need the vision of an owl. Alternatively you can buy something like the Bushnell Digital Stealth View binoculars and enjoy up to five times magnification of infrared goodness. The range is up to 600ft so you can keep more than a safe distance before going in to be caught, like in every James Bond movie.

£327.12 | Bushnell

Air Freshener Camera Recorder

A spy hunter would suspect a camera behind a picture or in the wall, that's basic. But an air freshener? Pfft, Not a chance. We're not entirely sure why you need a stealth camera, but this 720p device is going to blend into the background nicely. A 20-hour battery life, 70-degree angle of view and microSD card up to 32GB make it perfect for the job, whatever that job may be.

£120 | Eyetek

RX80-4GSE Mobile Phone Jammer

There may well be a time when you need to keep someone or some people from making a phone call. In that instance, the RX80-4GSE will be a powerful ally. Supposedly this handheld device can block 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi connections so nothing is safe from its 30-metre range. Lasts 90 minutes between charges so plenty of time to get the sleuthing done.

£119.40 | Global Gadget

Small Spy Camera Pen

Lugging around an air freshener under your arm raising suspicion? Check out the Small Spy Camera Pen. This device can record 720p video while recording audio from up to five metres away. Meanwhile the microSD slot means you can record for a long time before having to abort the mission. Plus it really does look like a pen so nobody will know, but we guess that's the point.

£39 | Spy Camera CCTV

Moller Skycar 400

Nothing does a quick getaway like a flying car. Probably handy for confusing your enemy, too. Okay, so there is a bit of a wait before you can buy one and it will no doubt cost an absolute fortune, but it will be worth it when you cruise the skies at 331mph. Put us down for two.

TBC | Moller

Lehman Aviation LA100

For times when you need to survey the path ahead from a really long distance, there's always the Lehman Aviation LA100 drone. It is able to carry a GoPro Hero camera so the footage quality will be good enough for Q. You can input a flight path using a Windows 8 bit of software and let it do the rest ─ it's fully automatic. Usefully, it will return to you after five minutes of flight. Unless you get the enemy catches it (or it gets stuck in a tree).

US$990 | Lehman

Peephole Reverser

Not sure what is on the other side of a door? A gadget like the Peephole Reverser has you covered. As the name suggests, it reverses a peep hole so you can see who's looking at you or survey a room from the outside. This particular one is small enough to hide and light enough to carry discreetly.

US$69 | SpyGadgets

KeyGrabber USB Nano Wi-Fi KeyLogger

Why spend ages interrogating someone for a password when you can use a keylogger to do the job for you? This sneaky gadget can store up to 16,000,000 key strokes and 8,000 pages of text so you can really find what you need when someone is using a computer or laptop. All you do is plug it in and let it do the rest. Then remember to retrieve it or fail the mission.

£131 | Keelog