The best sofa bed 2018 for living rooms and spare rooms

Utilise the space in your home to the best effect with our selection of the best sofa beds

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If you want a hassle-free way to almost instantaneously boost the bed count in your home, investing in a sofa bed is the best way to go.  

With our pick of the top 5 sofa beds for 2018, we’ll help guide you in investing in a piece of furniture that meets your requirements, whether it’s to keep in the spare room or back office, or as a centrepiece to your lounge. 

If you want budget and functional, we’ll give you budget and functional. If you’d rather go all out, we’ve got investment sofa beds that are a little pricier but which offer a whole lot more comfort for the cash. 

How to buy the best sofa bed for you

First off all, let us introduce to you the different folding mechanisms you can expect to discover. Both folding and lift and pull mechanisms are pretty common. 

They involve a bit of careful handling by lifting the cushions of the sofa and pulling out the main bed, but once 'released' they offer great levels of comfort that can rival the bed in your master bedroom. 

There’s also clic and clac sofa beds, where the back of the sofa easily folds down to create a flat sleeping area, these are not necessarily as comfortable but are the best sofa beds for more modern homes or anyone looking for a sofa bed for your mates to kip on from time to time. 

Of course, when it comes to considering the best futon for your home, there are a couple of other niggly pointers that you need to factor in. Size, for one, is pretty important - you don’t want to go through the strains of carefully releasing your sofa bed for the first time to discover the room falls short of 10cm. 

Traditional 'sofa' looking bed combos tend to be the bulky ones with raised rounded arms making them hard to fit neatly into corners or into small spaces. However, there are many modular sofa beds out there and even corner sofa beds which are much more effective in small or awkward spaces.

Have a good think about what you would like from your futon, then have a read through our list of the top five sofa beds to discover the ideal option for your home. 

Our pick of the best sofa beds to buy today

1. Los Angeles Light Grey Fabric Corner Sofa Bed and Chaise

Lounger? You’ll love this corner bed sofa with chaise

Best for: Corner sofa
Type: Clic-clac
Material: Upholstered fabric
Sleeping Size: 244x117cm
Reasons to buy
+Unique style+Converts in seconds
Reasons to avoid
-Only a single bed 

There’s always room for minimalism, so there’s nothing wrong with going for this simple, yet stylish corner sofa bed. With its grey upholstered fabric, the Los Angeles Light Grey Fabric Corner Sofa and Chaise is ideal for modern apartments. The best feature of this modular sofa bed is that when it is not in use as a bed, it makes for a pretty slick looking couch. If you’re someone who likes to take a running jump onto their sofa as soon as they get home, we’d say don’t expect the softest of landings, but for pure function and a stylish edge, this top to mid-range sofa bed is a solid purchase. 

2. John Lewis Clapton Sofa Bed

Making your bed has never been easier

Best for: Ease of use
Type: Clic-Clac
Material: Polyester, linen, hardwood
Sleeping Size: 182x109cm
Reasons to buy
+Looks stylish+Easy to fold out
Reasons to avoid
-Basic product 

This sofa bed takes simplicity to the next level but the design and mechanisms have been well thought out to deliver a product that easily transforms from a sofa into a comfy bed for 1 adult or 2 children. On top of that, the quality of the materials is what you would expect from John Lewis, which means you can be pretty sure that your new purchase will last for many years to come. While perhaps too simplistic for a lounge sofa, its combination of comfortable foam with sturdy hardwood makes it the perfect addition to office space or the spare room and whilst it looks basic, it turns out it's pretty comfy.

3. Twilight 2 Seater Fabric Sofa Bed

A proper sofa, that doubles up as a bed

Best for: Choice of colours
Type: Lift and pull
Material: Upholstered fabric
Sleeping Size: 113x181cm
Reasons to buy
+Remote control access+Luxurious feel
Reasons to avoid
-Very expensive 

At just shy of £700, this huge sofa bed is the most expensive on our list and understandably so, as it combines the highest standard of upholstery with sleek design. In fact, we’d say this is the only sofa bed on our list worthy of centerpiece position in your lounge as it looks and feels like a proper sofa. The Twilight 2 Seater Fabric Sofa Bed probably isn’t the one to go for if you’ve got clumsy fingers, as the three fold mechanism has a tendency to bite if you aren’t being careful. That being said, it allows for a comfy everyday sofa for you to really sink your bum into, rather than a place to perch with a stiff upper back. If you plan on using your sofa bed as a seat more often than a bed, this will last years.

4. Palmer Sofa Bed

Palmer offers a pocket sprung mattress for the best night’s kip

Best for: Large sofa
Type: Clic-Clac
Material: Wooden, Fabric
Sleeping Size: 111x220cm
Reasons to buy
+One of the biggest beds+Easy-to-operate mechanism
Reasons to avoid
-Low back

The Palmer Sofa Bed stands out from the rest as the only one to offer you a pocket sprung mattress.  While we advise that you don’t have any funny ideas about jumping up and down on it any time soon, it does offer you more of a familiar nights’ sleep than just sleeping on the classic foam seat pads of a typical sofa bed. Available in neutral colours, this is a sofa bed that you can tailor to match your decor, no problem. If you like the idea of the Twilight 2 Seater Fabric Sofa Bed for its sofa-esque appeal, but want something more modern, this designer-look sofa is spot on.

5. Noelle Fabric Sofa Bed

The perfect spare room sofa bed

Best for: Minimalist style
Type: Clic-Clac
Material: Upholstered fabric
Sleeping Size: 180x106cm
Reasons to buy
+Sleek +Ultra modern
Reasons to avoid

If you love clean lines and sharp edges, you cannot go wrong with the Noelle Fabric Sofa Bed. While it has a sleek and modern appearance, comfort is not compensated with its quality foam mattress. With its clic-clac opening mechanism, it can be very easily and quickly opened out into a small double bed, making it the perfect purchase if family or friends stay over every now and then. It’s simplistic shape means it's easy to fit into a corner and is a great sofa bed for small homes. The design of this one is a little more basic that others on our list, but, if your planning on putting your sofa bed in your study or man cave, maybe you don't want anything too fussy.