Best iPhone 8 case: 10 top cases to protect Apple's fantastic new phone

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If you recently decided you wanted a new iPhone, you have a choice between Apple’s iPhone 8 and the iPhone X

The iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive iPhone ever, while the iPhone 8 is its more affordable high-end offering. The 8 might lack some of the super high-tech features the X has, but it’s still a fantastic phone you’ll want to protect with a solid case, especially since it has glass on both its front and back.

Because of the iPhone’s worldwide popularity, you have plenty of options when it comes to iPhone 8 case models and manufacturers. 

With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are top-quality and will meet your needs best. 

To help you out, we’ve created a list, in no particular order, of the 10 best iPhone 8 cases.

10 best iPhone 8 cases

1. Caseology Apex iPhone 8

A pocket-friendly design with a no-slip grip

Reasons to buy
+No-slip grip+Slim, minimalist design+Dual-layer shock absorption
Today's best Caseology Apex iPhone 8 deals

Caseology’s Apex case makes the most out of minimalistic design.

The case is thin, so it won’t take up too much room in your pocket, but also provides a decent amount of protection should you drop your phone.

Its no-slip grip helps keep the phone in your hand while complementing the case’s clean geometric design.

Price: $13.99 | Buy Caseology Apex iPhone 8

2. Case-Mate Compact Mirror iPhone 8

A top case with a compact mirror built in

Reasons to buy
+Compact mirror inside+Holds up to four cards+Stylish design
Today's best Case-Mate Compact Mirror iPhone 8 deals

If you want to look your best, and you want your phone to as well, you’ll love Case-Mate’s Compact Mirror case.

The flap on the back of the case, which stays secure via a magnetic tab, serves as a place to store both cards and cash. Open it up, and you’ll find the compact built-in mirror. It’s also stylish and comes in black, rose gold and iridescent.

Though this case does offer some protection, that’s not its main focus.

Price: $60 | Buy Case-Mate Compact Mirror iPhone 8

3. Tech21 Evo Check Edition iPhone 8

Enhances the iPhone's natural beauty with a dash of colour

Reasons to buy
+10-foot drop protection+Slim and lightweight+Attractive design that shows off your phone
Today's best Tech21 Evo Check Edition iPhone 8 deals

The Tech 21 Evo Check Evoke Edition is both stylish and tough. It will protect your phone from drops of up to 10 feet. 

Though this case incorporates three layers of protection, Tech 21 still managed to make it relatively thin and lightweight. It comes in either clear with a blue floral or a see-through pink with red flowers. 

Both designs show off your phone’s natural beauty while adding a splash of colour.

Price: £39.95 | Buy Tech21 Evo Check Edition iPhone 8

4. Incipio Stashback iPhone 8

A tough case that is also a functional wallet

Reasons to buy
+Hidden card/cash compartment+Seven-foot drop protection+Comfortable grip
Today's best Incipio Stashback iPhone 8 deals

Incipio’s Stashback Dockable Credit Card Case lets you use your case as a wallet as well as protection for your device. 

It features an inconspicuous compartment on the back of the case that can hold as many as three bank cards or cash. 

It’s been drop-tested at seven feet. It’s also relatively thin and has a soft-touch coating that makes it comfy to hold.

Price: $39.99 | Buy Incipio Stashback iPhone 8

5. X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone 8

Huge drop protection with a stylish, modern finish

Reasons to buy
+10-foot drop protection+Aluminium frame+Acoustic speaker channel
Today's best X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone 8 deals

The X-Doria Defense Shield is designed for serious protection. It protected phones at 10-foot drops onto concrete and is made of polycarbonate, rubber and an anodised aluminium frame, which helps keeps bulk down while still maximising durability. 

While it focuses on protection, it also amplifies and directs your phone’s bottom speaker forward, and has a clear polycarbonate that doesn’t hide your phone from view. 

Price: $29.99 | X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone 8

6. Speck Presidio Grip iPhone 8

Born slippy? Then this case is for you

Reasons to buy
+No-slip grip+10-foot drop protection+Raised bezel
Today's best Speck Presidio Grip iPhone 8 deals

The Speck Presidio Grip iPhone 8 is, as its name implies, serious about keeping you from dropping your iPhone. 

Its no-slip grip is its main claim to fame, but if you do drop your phone, it will also protect it from falls of up to 10 feet. It also features a raised edge to protect your screen and a scratch-resistant finish.

Price: $39.95 | Buy Speck Presidio Grip iPhone 8

7. Edward Field Leather Wallet iPhone 8

An classic design that offers wallet capabilities

Reasons to buy
+Elegant design+Numerous card slots+High-quality American-made materials
Today's best Edward Field Leather Wallet iPhone 8 deals

If you want an exceptionally classy case for your iPhone 8, take a look at what Edward Field has to offer.

This case is made in the U.S. from 100 percent full-grain Italian leather, and comes in black or brown. It also functions as a full wallet, with plenty of room for cards and cash.

While it will offer some protection for your device, style is its main selling point.

Price: $99 | Buy Edward Field Leather Wallet iPhone 8

8. Apple iPhone 8 Silicone Case

Simple and official

Reasons to buy
+Designed by Apple+Slim, simple design+Soft-touch finish
Today's best Apple iPhone 8 Silicone Case deals

If you’re a really big Apple fan or just want a simple, no-frills case, opt for Apple’s own iPhone 8 Silicone Case.

Since Apple designed it, it will fit perfectly on your device and allow for full functionality while it’s on.

It protects your phone both inside and out with a soft-touch silicone exterior that’s comfortable to hold and a microfiber lining on the inside. It comes in a variety of colours, including ultraviolet, cobalt blue, dark olive, rose red and white.

Price: $35 | Buy Apple iPhone 8 Silicone Case

9. Greenwich Chrono Folio Case iPhone 8

Incredible protection at a premium price

Reasons to buy
+Ultra-strong protection+Magnetic plate for in-car use+Refined, understated style
Today's best Greenwich Chrono Folio Case iPhone 8 deals

Greenwich’s Chrono Folio case is both stylish and exceptionally strong. According to Greenwich, it’s so tough it can stop a shotgun blast.

The case is made from fine, soft-feeling leather over a carbon fibre lining. It’s thin and light, but also offers supreme protection.

It also has a hidden magnetic plate you can use to easily attach your phone on your car’s air vent mount.

Price: £80 | Buy Greenwich Chrono Folio Case iPhone 8

10. UAG Plasma Series iPhone 8

It's not a looker, but it's tough as nails

Reasons to buy
+Durable, yet lightweight+Screen protection+Oversized tactile buttons
Today's best UAG Plasma Series iPhone 8 deals

As the name of the case suggests, Urban Armor Gear focused on toughness and keeping it lightweight with this case.

It has a tough outer shell, a soft core to resist impact, skid pads and a raised edge to protect your screen, which help it meet military drop-test standards.

Even with all this protection, though, this case is simple enough to avoid any unnecessary weight.

Price: $39.95 | Buy UAG Plasma Series iPhone 8