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The best calendars for staying organised in 2019

The best calendars of 2019 bring together some of the last year’s biggest hits, and some timeless options for relentless planners and doodle bugs

The best calendars

Call us dramatic, but we think it all started with the demise of Blockbuster and has been getting steadily worse ever since: the digital switchover, the death of print, the profusion of pings from ever-present phones reminding us about Facebook events we have no intention of attending.

So it’s all the more remarkable, and heartwarming, that the paper calendar makes a comeback year after year. The kids might think it’s hilariously low-tech, pinning something to the wall and writing on it with an actual pen like some kind of neanderthal, but that’s the charm that the best calendars encapsulate so beautifully, and we’re here to help you find the one that suits.

TV and film fans will find motivation in glossy, full-colour images of their favourite scenes and characters, while wildlife aficionados and unapologetic geeks will love fascinating facts and insights. 

Meanwhile, anyone looking to brighten up their desk, or just their morning, will love day-to-a-page calendars with rib-tickling (or at the very least groan-inducing) jokes, puzzles, games, doodle pages and more. 

Keep reading for our round-up of the best wall and desk calendars, and make 2018 the year of not having to constantly reschedule those missed appointments. Here goes...

1. Johanna Basford Secret Garden 2018 Wall Calendar

Fill your life with colour with this do-it-yourself calendar

Best for: Colouring fanatics
Size: H30.5 x D30.5
Contains: Calendar and colouring pens
Reasons to buy
+Personalise each month+Pens included
Reasons to avoid
- Some pens not as good as others 

Well, if you’re getting organised, why not get creative, too? If you enjoy colouring then this wall calendar is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your home. Not only that, but colouring can be very therapeutic which makes it a great way to sit and relax with a cuppa while organising the month ahead. 

Buyers love the designs in this Secret Garden themed calendar and say the pens come in a great assortment of colours. Embrace your inner child with this adult colouring book which will still make you feel like you know what you’re doing.  

2. Official Doug the Pug 2018 Wall Calendar

New Year, new pug

Best for: Dog lovers
Size: H30.5xW30.5
Contains: month-by-month calendar
Reasons to buy
+Funny images+High quality card
Reasons to avoid
-It'll make you want to buy a pug

This is a high-quality calendar with high-quality images of none other than Doug the Pug. This little fella from Nashville USA has over 1.6million Facebook likes, and now he’s done his very own calendar shoot. Enjoy 12 whole months of hilarious pictures of Doug in different scenarios. 

The calendar itself has plenty of space for jotting down birthdays and social events, and the glossy pages hang neatly on any wall. You didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose you. 

3. Rick and Morty Official 2018 Calendar

Forget interdimensional cable: let this fun and functional calendar grab your attention instead

Best for: Rick and Morty fans
Type: Wall
Theme: Rick and Morty
Added features: None
Reasons to buy
+Awesome gift for Rick and Morty fans+Decent size, great layout
Reasons to avoid
- No space for notes

Featuring the Smith family and a host of other favourite characters (Mr Meeseeks or Scary Terry, anyone?) this Rick and Morty calendar is the perfect gift for fans of the cult TV show. 

As well as its own full colour scene, viewed through a portal, each page features a clear month-to-view date grid with ample space to write in each day, and some fun extra images referencing moments in the show. R

eviewers have commented favourably on the size and quality, but interestingly no reports yet of partners driven mad by excessive quoting, so for us, it’s an all-round winner. 

5. Official Game of Thrones 2018 Wall Calendar

All your commitments in one place, no messenger ravens needed

Best for: Keeping an eye on winter
Type: Wall
Theme: Game of Thrones
Added features: None
Reasons to buy
+Packed with popular characters+High quality print
Reasons to avoid
-May trigger unpleasant memories 

You might have some conflicting dates to put in the calendar, but look on the bright side: at least your family arrangements aren’t as complicated as they are for this lot. 

Featuring characters from Houses Stark, Lannister and Targaryen, and beyond, let this official Game of Thrones calendar tide you over until the next series materialises with its evocative portraits of Tyrion, Arya and other favourite characters. 

List your important events, and boo, cheer or weep as appropriate when you see who’s on the next page. Great fun. 

5. Keep Calm and Carry On Page-A-Day Calendar 2018

A motivational quote a day

Best for: Positive thinking
Size: H14xW16.1
Contains: A quote a day
Reasons to buy
+Stands on your desk+Motivational quotes
Reasons to avoid
-Nowhere to write  

This Keep Calm and Carry On day by day calendar is great for those who want food for thought in the mornings. You’ll get an inspirational quote a day, and it sits neatly on your desk or kitchen counter with a clear display of the date. 

This calendar doesn’t have space for writing, but it is a great way to keep track of the days and there is something oddly satisfying about tearing off each of the days. Then you’ve also got the quote to keep if you wish. A nice idea for your office desk.  

6. Star Wars 40th Anniversary Official 2018 Calendar

Keep track of your dates, stay parsecs ahead of the rest

Best for: Nostalgia
Type: Wall
Theme: Star Wars
Added features: None
Reasons to buy
+Great layout including images and quotes+Ample space for notes
Reasons to avoid
-Star Wars fans only 

All generations of Star Wars fan are sure to love this calendar, but what sets it apart is that it’ll earn an approving nod from even the most discerning purists for whom the recent films just aren’t cutting it, and the prequels...well, the less said about those the better. 

Each page is beautifully laid out around a central character, featuring scenes from the original films and iconic quotes – our favourite is Chewie’s, although we’re afraid you have to speak Shyriiwook to get the full benefit of that one. Printed in celebration of Star Wars’ 40th anniversary, it makes a great gift for the Star Wars fan in your life, or yourself. 

6. Boxclever Press Family Home Academic Planner 2018

Keep track of the whole family with this personalised family planner

Best for: Big families
Size: H31 x W39cm
Contains: 16 month view and colourful stickers
Reasons to buy
+Customised columns+Stickers included
Reasons to avoid
-Starts mid-year 

If you run a busy household, then this large wall planner is the best calendar for  keeping the family organised. It has separate columns for each family member, and then a day-by-day view to write down any important appointments. 

It starts mid-year, which some people love and some don’t, but it’s particularly good if you have kids at school as it starts at the beginning of the academic year and goes all the way through to December the following year. You’ll also get an assortment of stickers to help mark out any particularly important events.