Obama: How Twitter will help win the election

How Team Obama is hoping to win over the US public

Following Barack Obama on Twitter? Here's how the 44th US President is embracing social media for his 2012 election campaign in a bid to stay put in the White House

Gone are the days when one of the most important men on the planet simply had to travel state to state taking pictures with babies and persuade the public that he was going to make everything okay again. Engaging with the electorate through the likes of Facebook and Twitter is key more now than ever and US President Obama has already been busy making sure he has all social media bases covered.

As the 44th US President tries to secure a final term in the White House, we look at five ways that Team Obama is embracing social media to ensure he is not packing his bags come November 6th.

Follow me @BarackObama

BO to his followers, the President has had a Twitter account since 2007 as part of his first presidential push, but it wasn't until a couple of months after his re-election campaign in 2008 did Obama (well, his aides) decide to change his profile picture and tweet the message: 'Welcome to a new @BarackObama. From now on, #Obama2012 staff will manage this account; tweets from the president will be signed “-BO”. President Obama currently has over 12 million Twitter followers which is comfortably more than the entire T3 team put together.

Share My Presidential Playlist

Spotify has only been live in the US for six months, yet the President has had time to build a playlist to accompany his 2012 election campaign. Sharing the Obama 2012 Campaign playlist to his Twitter followers, it includes tracks chosen by the man himself along with picks from his staff. Lasting an hour and featuring 27 tracks, the choices cover a variety of genres ranging from Arcade Fire to Earth, Wind and Fire. After serenading the Reverend Al Green at a recent campaign rally, it was no surprise to see the classic Let's Stay Together make the list.

An Instagram picture is worth…

iPhone users have been turning their amateur photos of cats into vintage-looking snaps for some time, and now the US President is getting in on the action having recently joined in on the Instagram action. An Obama account was opened during the Iowa caucuses with two photos of the President talking via a video conference given the now iconic Instagram treatment. The Obama team has also been encouraging users to take photos of the campaign trail and tagging them with #obama2012.

Hanging out with the President

Facebook and Twitter is so 2009 so that's why Obama is aiming to stay ahead of the game after signing up to Google+ in November 2011, not long after Google decided to allow brands and public figures to have a presence on the latest social networking website. Obama then hosted his first Hangout for just under an hour in January answering questions from YouTube users and even managed to convince a Republican to vote for him in the upcoming elections.

Zuckerberg has requested to be your friend

Over 845 million people use Facebook which translates into a lot of potential voters and that clearly would have been in mind when Facebook streamed Mark Zuckerberg hosting a question and answer session with the President at the Facebook HQ in Palo Alto, California back in April 2011. Apart from tackling issues on the budget, Obama teased the billionaire about getting him to wear a jacket and tie, while Zuckerberg offered Obama a Facebook sweatshirt as the influential figures both went on the charm offensive.