iRobot Roomba i7+: the robot vac perfected

T3 Awards 2019: Best robot vacuum cleaner sponsored by AEG

T3 Awards 2019: Best robot vacuum cleaner: iRobot Roomba i7+

Just a few years ago, even the best robot vacuum cleaners were frustrating and flawed. That's starting to change now, with a new wave of bots headed up by industry veteran iRobot. The 2019 T3 Award for the ultimate robot, sponsored by AEG, goes to their Roomba i7+, a silent but deadly drone of uncanny intelligence, built to exterminate dust.

This is by some distance the slickest and most premium cleaning droid ever made. The i7+ has a large, bagged dust collector that, after every clean, actually sucks the dirt out of the robot's own, much smaller bin. This removes the problem of having to quite frequently empty the bin yourself.

Even better, the Roomba i7+ intelligently maps your place on its first 2-3 cleaning missions. Once that's done, you can divide the map up into named rooms, and dispatch the robot to clean only, for instance, the bathroom, or the kitchen and spare room only. The i7+ is very good at navigating around or over obstacles but this can be extremely handy if you have one room that's currently strewn with rubble that might otherwise impede its progress.

Suction is also class-leading, delivering great results time after time, and the app is slick, stable and works from anywhere you can get a phone signal. Build quality is excellent and so, while this is by no means the cheapest robot you can buy, it should last for years, recouping its cost in time saved from having to vacuum the floors yourself.