Top 3 rumored iOS 16 upgrades I am most looking forward to

We take a look at some rumored iOS 16 features coming later this year at WWDC

Apple iOS 16
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With an Apple event just around the corner next Tuesday, we thought it would be a good time to have a look at some of the things we expect from iOS 16, the updated to the iPhone's operating system. 

Apple tends to announce iOS updates at WWDC in the summer, so don't expect anything next week, but nonetheless there are some signs emerging of what the company will include, alongside the iPhone 14

The development of iOS 16 is still well underway so the exact changes and features won't quite be settled yet. We'll get plenty of looks over the coming months, too, as people dig into the betas and any code snippets they can find. 

So, let's jump into the top 3 things I'm excited about in iOS 16. 

AR and VR integration 

Oculus Rift

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One of the most exciting upcoming Apple products is the rumoured AR/VR headset, which has been in the works for some time. While we don't know many details, it seems likely that Apple would use WWDC to unveil... something. 

As such, iOS 16 will almost certainly come with some kind of AR/VR integration. What exactly that remains to be seen but it seems likely that the headset will work alongside the iPhone or iPad, at least at first. 

Other VR headsets, including Sony's brand new PS VR2, still have a cord due to limitations in how much computing power can be crammed into a headset and we expect Apple will go down a similar route for the v.1 headset. 

Expanded emergency features 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

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Apple has been rumoured (opens in new tab) to be working on adding satellite technology to the iPhone and while that didn't happen for the iPhone 13 it's very conceivable that Apple held it back for the wow feature on the iPhone 14.  

The technology would be used to help locate iPhones that are out of normal cellular range, an especially useful feature for those who need a device to work well in extreme conditions. 

It stands to reason then that iOS 16 would include support for satellite features alongside the iPhone 14 and we can't wait to see how that pans out. 

A general refresh and redesign 

Safari browser in iOS 15 on iPhone 12

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Apple has done a good job of refreshing iOS over the years but at this point some things are feeling fairly stale. 

The camera app, for example, hasn't had a serious overhaul despite having many, many new features added. On the iPhone 13 Pro, getting to some of the more niche features is like navigating a maze and it could serve Apple well to revamp the experience. 

Elsewhere, we'd love to see more fully customisable widgets, the addition of the iPad's QuickNote feature, maybe some kind of home automation features in widgets, and some improved themes. 

Apple, of course, might have its own ideas, but we can hope. 

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